Tuesday, April 29, 2014

An Okee Dokee of a weekend

We just got back from a fun weekend up in Littleton.  We got there by 6pm on Friday night - lucky us that the surgery center was slow that Friday.

On Saturday I went on a great run on the beloved High Line Canal.  Then I got back and Ben and I went on a bike ride along some awesome path system - it's just awesome - along waterways, trees lining the path, just awesome.  We had a great ride.  After that I went with Ben and his mom to the bank and then we stopped off at a frozen yogurt place that is connected to Great Harvest.  So we scored twice:  frozen yogurt and a free slice of bread.  :)  It was a fun outing.

That afternoon we headed out and met my friend Csilla and her cute family at a really cool park.  I'm sad I don't have any pictures of it (ahem, I had given the camera over to Ben to take pictures . . . ).  It was totally great being with Csilla and her family again.  As always.  Ben's folks came and met us for a few minutes and then we all headed over to Regis Jesuit High School for the Okee Dokee show!

They were so super great.  I just love them.  They do a fun and clean and totally kid-fun (but not in a way that annoys adults) show.  I love their music.  I love their jokes.  I love their looks.  Whoops, did I just say that?  :)  It was a lot of fun.  We bought their newest adventure CD/DVD combo and have listened and watched both - and I love it all.

After the show we went to Cafe Rio, then home, books, bed, etc.

Sunday was Our Anniversary - our 12th one to be exact.  We were to celebrate with Rhubarb Pie (the only pie I really like), but unfortunately no rhubarb was to be had in Littleton (we've got plenty in our garden so I'll hopefully whip up a pie this weekend!).  So the real celebration was the fact that I got to sit by Ben during Sacrament meeting!!!  (Except for the 10 minutes he left to run back home and grab Lucy's forgotten boo . . .)  It was a nice Sunday and we even went on a very cool (as in cold) walk that morning.  Good stuff.

We left Monday - and the drive was a little similar to my spring break drive.  Snow, etc.  But not quite as bad, so that was good!  Driving through Glenwood Canyon in snow clouds was awesome.  So pretty and neat!  Anyways, we made it back and hopped right back in to real life:  gymnastics for Miles, soccer for Jonas and Emmy, family scripture reading/prayer, Ben reading books to the girls, Jonas and I reading Harry Potter together, Jonas pulling out his 2-month + loose tooth, checking on our growing chicks (Erin, they are still cute!), etc., etc.

It's always sad to leave, but life is busy enough that we don't have much time to dwell on that sadness.  :)


 My family and Csilla's family.  :)

The Okee Dokee Brothers, who aren't really brothers.  :)

Yep, turns out we are one of those people - getting the Okee Dokee brothers to sign our album cover.  :)

This is where the boys slept for the three nights we were at Littleton.  It was really helpful in separating the kids.  :)

Our lovely hosts - Grandpa Max and Grandma Diana.

Another fun shot.  Look how happy Miles is that he gets the back row seat with "stinky" Wilson.  The joys.

And one video for fun:


erinmalia said...

oh my. that shot of upset miles is classic! CLASSIC! (classic what, i don't know. classic mad kid?)

emily said...

totally classic mad kid! haha, i'm laughing. he quickly got over his madness once we started listening to music and books on CDs. :)

erinmalia said...

also, the kids were right: you should have shown the camera (wo)man. next time!