Sunday, April 20, 2014


We had a good Easter weekend.  Our Easter activities begin on Easter Saturday, as I call it in our family.  That's when the Easter Bunny comes and hides our eggs and baskets.  It was a fun morning:

Luckily my mom had gotten a little something for the kids for Easter - so while I was out running that morning, they still had something fun to check out.  :)

 Lucy looking lovely in her candy necklace.

As soon as I got back from running, the kids kept asking when they could go out and find the Easter eggs we had decorated the day before - and which the Easter Bunny had hidden . . .  After I ate we finally let them loose in the backyard.
 They had all spotted this one while eating breakfast.  :)  Of course Lucy was allowed to get it.

Emmy found one (with, ahem, some help) in the rhubarb plant!

Then after all the eggs were found - minus the 3 that Wilson ate - we went back inside to find the Easter baskets:
 Lucy's basket was found first - by the boys, I think.  They told the girls to come.  Everyone had to be there - you can't even see Lucy!  Silly, excited kids.

Lucy and her basket.

Emmy and her basket.

Miles and his basket.

And last of all, Jonas with his basket.

The girls started playing with their dolls.

And the boys began to put together their little Lego toy.

We grew grass again in our baskets.  I wasn't sure we'd have enough, but suddenly on Thursday the grass finally took off!  I like fresh, real grass in their baskets.  I love the natural look, but also love not having to deal withe mess of fake grass.  :)

The rest of the day was spent at Emmy's soccer game, Jonas had a b-day party, I went over to a friend's house and made some bow-ties for the boys, plus a baptism we attended.  Another full day.

The girls wanted (well, Lucy didn't want, but at least agreed to!) curlers in their hair for Easter Sunday.  Cuties.

And here are a few pictures taken on Easter Sunday:

 Before church . . . it was a little too bright.  In fact, Emmy started crying afterwards and so that ended our photo shoot for the morning.

Handsome brothers in their bowties.

A post-church photo.  Emmy had a horrible headache (sinus pressure I am thinking), but pulled through for the picture at least.  :)

We'll finish the day with the sister missionaries over for dinner, making resurrection rolls, doing a scripture- and Christ-based egg hunt/activity, plus maybe watching a video or two of Christ.  Sounds like a lovely Easter.


erinmalia said...

such cute kids. man, i make good nieces and nephews.

Nicole said...

How fun! I love that you do real grass! I wanted to do some this year in a pot maybe, but never got around to it :(
I love that your girls did curlers too! Mine thought the same thing. Gotta love the curls!