Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jonas' 2nd grade music performance

Jonas had his show last night.  Right after soccer practice we headed over to the school.  I had gotten Jonas' clothes for him to change in to, but forgot shoes.  Whatevs, I think the soccer cleats looked great.  :)

Jonas standing next to one of his best-friends and classmate, Ivan.

Now I've got 3 videos just because . . .
I thought it quite funny how hardly none of the boys playing instruments are singing (only 1 is).  Whereas all the girls are both playing and singing.  Girls and boys are different.  :)

Proof that sometimes, and just a little bit, Jonas will participate in singing . . .

The last one.  Cuz boys (and men) are oh-so-cute in baseball hats . . .

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erinmalia said...

so fun!

the boys can't play and sing because of the whole "multi-tasking" thing that men aren't supposed to do as well as women. you know, because these types of things are always 100% TRUE.