Sunday, April 13, 2014

Let The Games Begin!

Well the soccer craziness has begun.  We've had a few weeks of practices (M, W, 5:30-6:30) (for both Emmy and Jonas) and then games just started this past Saturday.  It makes for some busy times, but it's good.  We've got about 6 more weeks of practices and games and then it's done - short and sweet!  :)

Anyways here are a few pictures from Emmy's and Jonas' first games:

Emmy's team is the Purple Minions.
 If she looks cold, it's because she was.  We've had a cold weekend - it even snowed today!

Emmy is the best to watch!  She's always in the game, going after the ball, trying to kick it, etc.  She's very active and just too cute to watch.


She didn't score a goal this game (unfortunately nobody on her team did!), but did score two goals in a scrimmage a few days earlier.  So we've got some high hopes she'll score in a game.  :)  She loved playing!

 Where the ball is, there you'll find Emmy.  :)

The fun post-game high-fives!

Jonas' team is the Black Ninjas.
 Jonas is a little bit different of a player than Emmy.  His stamina is not quite what his sister's is.  Nor is he too aggressive towards the ball.  Hopefully he'll get a little more in to it as the season progresses.

He did get the ball a few times in the game.  (P.S.  His tongue is out in typical Jonas-style!)

 It was still a fun game to watch.

 Jonas got to be goalie for the last quarter.  He was excited about it.  He didn't get too much action at the goal, which was fine with me.  :)

And here is Lucy the Ewok.

It was a fun Saturday morning full of soccer!


erinmalia said...

haha. what is that ewok thingy?!

Niederfam said...

Love the ewok!!! I need to show Emery the pictures of Emmy PLAYING………we'll see??

Rachelle said...

Way to go, Emmy!

This makes me laugh - to see bundled up children and snow on the mountains. We're glad soccer here in Phoenix has just ended - it was getting too hot, anyway!