Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Chicks

Well we got new chicks today.  Our old chicks had become ugly chickens.  They were good egg-layers and also very good at what chickens do best:  peck.  We lost one to a raccoon, gave 2 away last summer hoping with only 2 remaining there wouldn't be any pecking - but there still was.  The final 2 died last winter.  In fact, irony of irony, the last one to go was the one we thought we die the 2nd winter due to the huge wound she had from being pecked on all the time.

Anyways, I didn't really think we'd get chickens again . . . but we did.  For many reasons, but a couple reasons made me okay with it all.  First of all, our kids will have the bulk of the responsibility of caring for these chickens - each week a child will be assigned water and food duty, plus egg-collecting once they start laying.  The kids had to buy their chicks with their own money (okay, so we helped Emmy a little and Lucy and Ben "share" one since Lucy didn't have any money . . . ).  We will be adding a bigger chicken run area so hopefully we will have happy hens.  Also, after our vegetable garden is done (late October) we will let the chickens out in our garden (putting up some high chicken wire fencing or something) and let them have all that space to roam around and fertilize our garden.  :)

Anyways, on to the cute pictures:
Cute boys and their chicks.

Love this - Emmy's trepidation at Miles' chick and Lucy's excitement as Ben gets her chick out of the box!

I was actually surprised Emmy held her chick.  She's gotten a lot more . . . . well, more like me in the past couple of years in regards to birds.  :)  But she loved and doted on her chick.

Cute Lucy - she was only about 7 months old when we last got our baby chicks.  She was pretty in to her chick.  Too in to her at times.  :)

I can't remember all the kids' names for their chicks.  I'm not sure they know for sure at this point either.  Jonas' chick might be Anna.  Miles' is Shadow, Emmy's is Chirpy.  And Lucy's/Ben's might be Elsa (per Ben) or Caleesa (per Lucy).  We'll see what they end up being called.

Miles' chick Shadow.  Cute.  For now.  I still didn't hold or touch any of these chicks - because, even though they are cute, they are still birds.

 Lucy loving it all.

Emmy was pretty delighted, too.

It was a fun evening for the kids.

As I said on facebook:
I must really love my children (and Ben, too) because I really hate birds.


erinmalia said...

seriously so brave.

Nicole said...

How cute! We have never had chicks or chickens, but I can definitely understand your concerns! Hope it goes better this time around!