Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Goodbye Parakeet Bearakeet

Well, sadly, Parakeet Bearakeet passed away while we were gone in Mesa Verde.  Ben noticed the bird's demise when he was putting the girls to bed on Friday night.  We told Miles a little bit later.  Miles was definitely very, very sad and teared up quite a bit.

Miles got Parakeet Bearakeet 4 1/2 years ago from Santa on Christmas day.  He was a chirpy and contented bird.  It's sad that he's gone - but especially just sad for Miles to lose his pet.

We had a little funeral for him in our backyard on Saturday afternoon:
Miles choose a good spot to bury him in our backyard.

 Miles was adamant that we didn't just bury his body in the ground without some type of casket-thing because Miles knew the body would decompose and then then "there wouldn't be anything left of him."  Very sweet.  So Miles found this jar and it was perfect.

A sad boy.

An even sadder girl.  Well I'm not sure if she was more sad, but she was definitely more emotional!  :)  Sweet girl.

Miles wanted to put Parakeet Bearakeet's bell in with him because he loved it so.

Filling up the grave.

Unfortunately, death is just part of life.  Miles planted some wildflower seeds near the "tombstone."

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erinmalia said...

oh, so sorry for poor miles (and emmy!) but thinking of other losses during that trip, well, it could have been worse. how long to parakeets live?