Saturday, May 03, 2014


Another Girls on the Run 5k happened today in Grand Junction.  There were lots and lots of girls there!  I took my girls with me, which was fun.  But, once again, it makes it harder for me to be with the "team" girls.  I actually lost them all when I took my girls to the bathroom and we stood in line for like 15 minutes.  When we got back to our place everyone had gone to the starting line and I didn't see any of them.  We hooked up and and off with one team girl, but that was all we saw.

This was Emmy's first time walking it with me.  Usually she is in the stroller with Lucy.  But she's definitely too big for that now.  But, of course, she is not really big enough to run this thing.  So we walked 95% of it.  We finished at right under an hour.  :)  But Emmy didn't (or hardly) really complain - even though it was hot.  Emmy enjoyed pouring water over her hair and down the front of her shirt.  :)  Lucy didn't complain either and enjoyed the ride and watching all the other Girls on the Run.

Our team girls did a great job!  I would almost say half of them got 33 minutes or under.  Which is just crazy since hardly any of them ran it that fast for our practice 5K!  In fact, the girl that got "first" from our school was never one to run much nor really all that fast.  So that was surprising and awesome.  I was really impressed and happy with all of our gals.

Emmy, Lucy and I spent a few extra hours up in Junction afterwards.  We went to a park - which Lucy mainly played at (Emmy was a bit tired. . . :).  Then out for frozen yogurt.  Then to Old Navy.  Then finally home.  It was a pretty good day!

 My girls at the starting line.  Another coach bought the cute little headbands for all of us.  It's cute and fun - but it also helps us find each other in a crowd!

 Emmy and a crazy lady cheering everyone on.  :)  We were about 3/4 of the way done at this point.

She finished a 5K.  :)  In a couple of years I'm sure she'll be able to run one - or most of one.  That will be fun!

Emmy with one of her best-friends and classmate, Ava.  Ava's two sister ran it (her sister was one that finished first from our team) and her mom co-coaches with me.  Ava was with her dad taking pictures of our girls - and Ava ran in with us to the finish line.  Fun stuff.

I really enjoy GOTR, but we'll see if I do it next year . . .


erinmalia said...

so fun! good for you.

Nicole said...

Way fun! Love how your little girls are involved too :)