Monday, May 26, 2014

Let the hiking begin

I'm not sure how excited Emmy and Lucy are about hiking, but it felt good to get out today.  :)  We went not to the forest - where Ben and I would prefer, but due to probable snow in most forest-areas, we stayed low and desert-ish.  Ben's friend Randy loves Dominguez Canyon and so we get some ideas from him of where to go and headed out this morning.

We hiked/walked about 3.4 miles in to some Indian Petroglyphs.  We only had a minute to spare before we were just going to stop and break for lunch and head back.  So luckily we made it to the rock just in time.  :)  It was a pretty cool hike and a definite good outing for the day.  Emmy sure complained A LOT on the way up, but did great on the way down.  Jonas did pretty good, too, with just some very minimal complaints on the way. Miles is quite a hiker and just has the desire and stamina to go and explore and see everything.  Lucy was good, too - held lots and put in the backpack, too.  Here are some pics:

 What cute hiking sistas!

The hike starts out along a railroad track.  Too bad no trains came by while we were there!

Jonas caught a grasshopper - he's pretty good at catching things!

A pretty flowering cactus plant.

Cute girls and their handsome dad.

Some hikers in front of us spotted this guy.  He was the biggest and most colorful of all the lizards we saw - most were brownish/grayish.  Pretty cool!

 The rock!  Finally!

Lunch!  Finally!

This pictures just gives an idea of the area we were in.

Lucy just couldn't really get comfortable to fall asleep for too long.  Even though her tired self so wanted to!

For the last mile (we did about 7 miles total) Emmy got to ride on Ben's shoulder.  Lucky girl.

And here is one video of Miles and his Echo:


erinmalia said...

this looks great! i'm glad you guys were able to get out. and now is probably a good time before it gets super hot. and miles...hello grown-up rhett!

Nicole said...

How fun. What troopers you have!