Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Wilson turned 12 last Saturday.  It was quite a busy day and so nothing was done to celebrate.  Wilson was highly offended.  So we promised to make it up to him on Monday night.  We took Wilson on a walk for our FHE and had cake.  Well, people had cake - Wilson had gross dog treats that he seemed to love.

 His cake.  Well, our cake to honor him.  :)

Not a super great picture, but I couldn't keep him from moving and licking up all the milk that Emmy had spilled. . .

A video:

Wilson is a great dog, really.  We're lucky we've had him for 12 years!


erinmalia said...

ah, happy birthday wilson! and what is on emmy's head?!

Nicole said...

I love that you celebrated his bday!