Saturday, May 17, 2014

Super Busy Saturday Morn!

Well we had a fun and busy morning today.  I started it off by running my 3rd Black Canyon Ascent.  It's a 6-mile, 2,000 elevation climb run.  I always liken it to childbirth:  it's painful, yet I keep doing it.  Although I'm done with childbirthing . . . so maybe I just need to run it once more to call it even.  :)

It's definitely one of the hardest runs/races I do.  It's all up-hill, quite up-hill, until mile 5.  Then there is some flat and a down-hill or 2, but still up-hills, too.  I'm happy with my time (74 minutes) - even though it's 2 minutes more than my last 2 years.  One thing, I guess, that I am proud of myself is that I actually run the entire thing.  Slow and steady, sure, but I don't walk.  Many people do and so I guess that is cool (I can't think of quite the right word I want to use) I don't.

I rode up with 3 other gals - all from school.  They are fun ladies and it was fun to be there with them.  My family drove up later and passed me around mile 5.5 or so - it's always so good to see them!  It's fun and I'm glad that Ben drags everyone out to cheer and support me.  :)

We hung out for a bit afterwards, but had to miss the awards and raffle drawings since we had soccer games to get to.

Emmy's and Jonas' last games were today.  Emmy's game was at 10:30 and Jonas' at 12.  We had a picnic lunch in between - oh, and I also drove home to get Jonas' shirt and change.  The games were fun to watch.  Emmy's team won it's first, only, and last game!  It was great and Emmy had a few almost-goals.  :)  Jonas' game was good, but I think that right now soccer is definitely not in Jonas' future.  That might change, but right now that's pretty much the case.  He still had a fun season, though, and I'm glad both kids tried it this season.

Then we came home and have been working in the back - expanding our chicken run area so that we have Happy Hens.  Jonas and I played a little badminton - well, just hitting the birdie back and forth to each other.  Our best volley was 9 - which we got a few times.  Our goal is 10 someday.  :)  Ben is still out working, but I was ready for a shower!  Anyways, a good day and here are some pics:

 Here I am finally running on some flat road!  Yippee!

Me and 3 of my kids running to the finish line.  Fun!

Me and my good friend Patty.  Patty works at the school's health center and is Jonas' best-friends's mom.  She's pretty wonderful.

Emmy in the game!

Go, Emmy, go!

Emmy and her trophy.  She had a good season!

Oops, Jonas missed that one.  :)  Oh well.

He looks like he's concentrating hard - just not sure what about.  The soccer game?  Perhaps, but not likely . . . :)

The last game we always promise the kids a treat at the concession stands.  Lucy has been excited about the "last soccer game!" all week long.  This might have been her first cotton-candy experience.

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erinmalia said...

every time you do this, i'm just amazed. it's one race i'd never do with you!

maybe next year we need to plan on doing a half together. what do you think?