Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Elder who started it all . . .

We were oh so privileged on Sunday afternoon to have Elder Koyle and Elder Merrill stop by our home.  They are both APs in Grand Junction and were passing through on official mission business.  :)  Both Elders served in our ward - but not at the same time.  They are super fantastic young men and we truly love them - some in probably a different way than others. . . :)  Elder Koyle was my girls' first missionary-crush.  Big-time.  Remember how Emmy was telling him why she loved him so?  "Go look in the mirror and you'll know."  Pure awesomeness.

When they came over the boys were all out doing some home-teaching.  So we chatted for quite a while on the porch.  Finally the boys came back.  Miles invited them for dinner and they accepted so it was a great evening.

What a bunch of handsome men surrounding two beautiful girls.  :)

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erinmalia said...

those missionaries look old! ours always look so young, but i'm sure they're the same. we also had missionaries happen by us on sunday. funny.