Friday, May 30, 2014

The First Lemonade Stand of Summer 2014

Fun Facts about this:
*  I did it nice and early so the kids can't tell me all summer how I never let them do this . . .

*  My kids all stand out there and wave to most of the cars that drive by.

*  A policeman stopped by and bought some lemonade.

*  A nice lady came, told the kids she was on a diet and so didn't buy anything, but gave my kids $5 anyways because her daughter used to do this.

*  So far 2 people from school have stopped by - the computers teacher and Miles' Quest teacher.  Totally exciting for my kids!

*  I sit back on the porch and let the kids do it all.

* Miles made the cookies.  Emmy and Lucy helped with the lemonade (We just had to go and make more!).  Jonas wrote the sign, helped carry out the tables, and helped a tiny bit on the cookies.

*  One man asked the boys if they were in Cub Scouts.

*  I think this is the busiest they've ever been - we'll have to see what the final amount-made is when they are all done.

*  Miles wanted to make a "grand cookie," (i.e., a really big one).  At first, I was like, no.  But then I didn't have any reason to say that, so I told him to go ahead.  It sold within the first 10 or so minutes.

*  When you sell things for cheap, most people give a "tip."

Fun stuff!


Niederfam said...

GREAT mom!!! I let my kids help the neighbors, does that count??? ;)

erinmalia said...

so tell me...how do you price your items? how much is the lemonade? the small cookies? the grande?