Friday, May 16, 2014

The Last Hurrahs!

Well the kids are winding down their school year.  They have, including today, 3 1/2 days left of school.  So crazy!  There have been lots of field trips, park trips, etc. going on these past couple of weeks.

Just this week Miles had a field trip to a park - with many activities and stations all about water.  Miles also had a "wax museum" event one night.  Jonas went to Ridgway State Park and will go to the park today.  Emmy went to the park yesterday and got pizza for lunch.  I think they've all had their special root-beer float day at their school's library.  So it's been busy!

Here are a few pictures I've gotten this week:
Here is Jonas playing some water-relay at Ridgway.

Here you can see Lucy and Jonas playing a game of tag - prey and predator tag.  The predators wore orange flags and tried to get the yellow (rabbits) and black (mice) flags.

Lunch time with Ivan.  Patty - Ivan's mom - is hiding behind Ivan.  :)

Lovely Lucy.

Our little group that we took on a "hike."  It was pretty there!

Proof that Lucy still needs a nap - because this is what happens when she doesn't get her scheduled one.  :)

Miles at his grade's "wax museum."  Live wax museum.  :)  The kids all studied and researched some famous Coloradans.   He chose Daniel Cheeseman Oakes.  I'm not sure why?!  But the man was a business man and opened up the first sawmill in Denver, among other things.  The kids dressed up and then parents walked around - the kids would then tell a little about their characters.

Miles with his fellow classmate Mackie, aka Chipeta.  I think Miles is the shortest boy in his grade and Mackie the tallest girl - well, probably tallest overall!

Miles with another fellow classmate, John, aka John Elway.

Next week the kids go Monday, Tuesday (field day) and then their last day is a 1/2 day on Wednesday.  Wowzers.

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erinmalia said...

LOVE the beard! how did you do it? and um, that picture with chipeta is hilarious. sorry. didn't you used to live on chipeta? the street, not the girl. :)