Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Summer (so far) Report

Well it has almost been exactly 1 week since school got out for my kids - about 8 more minutes then it will be exactly 1 week.  :)

So far, we have all survived!  Maybe we've even had some fun.  :)

I thought Miles would be the most challenging to deal with all day long, every day.  While he definitely presents his challenges, I think Emmy wins, thus far, for being the most challenging.  I've dealt with screaming fits (twice she's had to walk Lily home so she could have a time-out and relax and chill-out), drawing with pens on my desk and the toilet, stuffing construction paper down the toilet (luckily Ben had to deal with that one).  Seriously!  What is up with her?!  I'm hoping it's just a "transition phase" and we'll be done with it ASAP.  I've realized I have 3 really strong personalities - and that can be a challenge.  Jonas is the easy-going one.  At least I got one!  I like strong personalities, but mixing them all together - not my favorite thing.

Anyways, we've done some fun stuff like:

We went bowling one day.  I've signed the kids up at kidsbowlfree.com and each kid gets 2 free games a day during the summer!  We'll never go that much, but I've already gone more (once!) this summer than I did last summer.  The kids really liked it - though Jonas got a little mopey when Emmy started killing him the last game.  :)

Another day we rode our bikes to the skate park.  It's a 30-minute ride, one way, so it's a good one!  Emmy complained (probably yelled) about having to ride her bike and not sit in the trailer with/like Lucy.  Growing up is tough, kid!  But we had fun at the park - we played at the playground, ate our lunch (plus 2 popsicles for dessert - I'm the coolest!), then went to the skate park and had a great time there before heading back home.  Lucy really got in to riding her little pedal-less bike down a ramp there - she would ride down, go up, ride down, go up, over and over and over again.  The boys found a circle area that they just rode around and around and around in . . . circles, of course.  :)  We made it back home right before it started raining.  Perfect timing.

Saturday late afternoon we met another family at the bike bumps.  Remember this?  I had a feeling Lucy would love it on her bike and whoa did she!  She was all over that place riding her bike on her own.  It was the cutest and coolest.  The other kids had a great time with their friends and so it was a really great outing.

Today there was a "water safety" event offered at the pool/rec. center.  It was free and another friend was going and encouraged us to come and so I reluctantly agreed - because I do love my kids and knew they would love going.  It turned out to be pretty great.  The kids got passports and had to go to 6 stations - where they learned some water safety tips, played a game, and got a prize.  At each station you had to get a signature and then when all 6 signatures were there you could go and swim.  There wasn't too many kids and so that was perfect.  Plus, 2 of our friends (friends = a whole family of friends) were there, too, and so my kids were loving it.  I was able to handle it well since the outside pool is pretty shallow and the boys are fine all alone - even going down the water-slide themselves.  Lucy is getting taller and wore a life-jacket and so that really helped, too.  It was already a hot morning, so it actually felt good to be in the pool (though my kids did get out for a good 15+ minutes to warm up - they get so cold in the pool!).  There were "drawings" were the kids won prizes.  Our entire group of friends (12 total) each won a prize.  My boys won some nice goggles and swimming caps.  Lucy won a beach ball.  And Emmy won a free swim pass for one day.  Then Emmy won the "grand prize" as Miles called it.  It's this big inflatable Thing - a lizard?  I don't know.  How did Emmy win it?  By asking!  I had gone to take Lucy on the slide and Emmy was with my friend Patty.  I guess Emmy went and asked one of the lifeguards that was helping out with the event whose it was and then she gave it to Emmy.  So fun.  We'll take it to my parents' house and hopefully have fun on it!  So it was a good day.  Of course it still wasn't/isn't without the little battles and struggles that happen each hour or so.  :)

Anyways, that's summer so far.


erinmalia said...

ack! how will you have any energy left for the rest of the summer?! pace yourself, woman! haha.

Nicole said...

Sounds like fun! I agree with Erin, wow! You will definitely put me to shame :)

Lucky kids! Sounds like a great week to me! Today was the last day of school for Molly. I have no idea what next brings! Except swim lessons :)

Niederfam said...

Agreed, TO SHAME…..We too have survived a week!!!