Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Few Random Summer Pics and Vids

 Aw, summer camp is over.  For the past 2 weeks we've rode our bikes each morning to the middle school, and then each afternoon back home.  It was awesome and a perfect little ride for all of us (Lucy got to ride in my bike trailer).  The kids liked it and want to still ride to the school in the morning, even though camp is over.  :)  Summer camp was great - the boys got to do things like cook, be a smart shopper, figure out laws of motion, geocache, take a field trip to the Black Canyon, etc.  It helped that some of their best-friends were there, too.  Emmy like her camp as well and did things like learned some Spanish, made pinatas, was an explorer and made a cool journal, etc.  But she's glad to be done.  The boys, not so much.

Jonas helped cook an "outdoor" meal on Wednesday night.  It's for one of his cub scout requirements.  It was super windy but it all worked out and was yummy.

Lucy had her final dance camp "show" today.  I picked up the kids from their camp and we basically went right over for Lucy's finale.
 They danced a little routine and then showed us all the crafts they had made during the week:  crowns, fairy wands, paper lanterns, coloring pictures, etc.  So cute.

Miles has been working on his "contraptions" a lot lately.  It's a set that was given to him by Santa a couple years back.  It's super simple in design, yet totally cool and complex.  :)  This was Miles' most difficult and challenging work - it broke a few times and he was about to give up.  I said a few words of encouragement, but truthfully that's probably not what inspired him to try again.  Because, let's be truthful, the only person Miles diligently listens to is . . . himself.  But try again he did - with success.

Here is run #2.  We weren't allowed to watch run #1.  It almost worked.  We tried a few things - much to Miles' protest and final acceptance and then. . . I broke a little section of it.  So then he had to rebuild . . . and then it worked!  So it was all good.  :)

And here is Lucy's dance performance.  It's a little long - even for family members.  So watch as much as you want:

And one more video.  Jonas decided to make a stop-action movie the other day.  I don't get it at all, but it's still kind of fun to watch:

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