Sunday, June 22, 2014

Camp Climb-A-Lot

So, we went on our first camping trip of the year.  The kids were all super excited.  And, once we found out that there was a high probability that Ben would be able to get off in the early afternoon on Friday, we decided to go to Goblin Valley.  It's quite the trek out there - 3 1/2 hours - but our kids love it, it was on our Summer's Bucket List, and Ben would be off earlier = so this was our chance.

Instead of me just babbling on and on, I show (lots and lots) pictures while I babble:
 This was a great camping spot!  So cool and offered tons and tons of adventures for the kids.

The main adventure of choice?  Climbing!  Hence the name of our camp (remember, we always "name" our camp spots).  Can you spot Miles?

Zoomed in, there he is!

We got to Goblin Valley and found our campsite first.  Then we set up camp and heated up and ate dinner.

After that we headed off to explore Goblin Valley State Park.
 So cool!

There were lots of jumping and running and climbing and exploring!


Another cool shot.  Lucy was done by this time (she loved it, but - just like last year - we forgot to bring our water bottles and so everyone gets super thristy . . .  Lucy just wanted to get back to the car and get some water!).

So we finally got back to the car (Miles got extremely mad because he wanted to climb to the top of some goblin but wasn't able to.  I mean, we told him he could try and he just couldn't do it.  He blamed us for not helping him and he was very mad and sad . . . )

Anyways, we got back to camp and Jonas had a blast with the bow-and-arrow set.
It was cool to see the arrows fly off.  It was the perfect spot for it.

So Robin Hood-ish.

We also made s'mores, of course.  But instead of graham crackers we used Ritz crackers - so it was more like Salty 'n Sweet s'mores.  Good stuff.

We finally got all settled in and asleep by 10ish.  It was hot and super windy.  The kids slept well and Ben and I probably slept like normal when camping - waking up every couple of hours . . .

Morning came and we were all up by 6:30.  The kids wasted no time in climbing!
 Can you spot Miles, Jonas, and Emmy?

There they are!  They were high!

We ate, broke down camp, and packed up our car and were headed out by 8am.  We were the first people at Little Wild Horse trail-head.
 It's a really neat hike and the kids were all in to it - well, once Emmy was done with her 10-minutes of grumpiness and exclamations of how much she hated this hike (I think it turned out to be one of her favorite hiking adventures . . .)

Cool and cute brothers.

The slots were so neat and Emmy didn't even cry this time (as opposed to last year when she was scared and cried in the slots).

See, a happy girl!

The sand.  The kids loved the sand since it's so fine and smooth and cool.  Here they were making "sand angels."  Awesome.

I love this picture.

Can you spot Miles, Jonas, and Emmy?

There they are!

This was about at our turning around part.  Lucy pretty much hiked the trail - well once we entered the slot part of it.  She did great on the way up!  On the way down?  She was held for most of it. . . :)

We told the kids (the older 3) that they could go ahead and we'd meet them at the sand part where they could play and play until we caught up with them.  They flew down the trail and we'd get lots of comments from other hikers coming up the trail.  "Do you have 3 kids?"  "Are those 3 kids your's?  They are really far ahead!"  We were glad to know that 1.  They were all still alive and 2.  They were all still together.

Ohhh, we found evidence of them being on the trail.  :)  Well we got to the sandy part and they were not there.  There were some other people there who told us that they were pretty far down the trail.  We finally met up with them at the "swimming pool," i.e., a sand pool, really.  They told us how Emmy had gotten stuck right by the sand pool, "for like 15 minutes and was crying and wouldn't come down" and how some man with a camera got her unstuck.  Awesome.  They were having a blast playing and I think it was pretty fun for them to "be on their own."  We felt comfortable - for the most part - with letting them do this on this hike.

 What happens when you do lots of climbing and then, subsequently, lots of sliding back down?  You rip your shorts of course.

Miles was in Heaven there.  He loves this stuff - rocks, sand, caves, climbing, exploring, etc.

We got a picture of each kid jumping in to the sand pool:

So fun!

And that's pretty much The End.


erinmalia said...

hooray! actually, i hate when you post stuff like this because it just makes me super jealous.

Emily said...

What a fun trip!! Really cool pictures, too.