Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Go, go, Joe!

 Thanks in part to books on CD on our most recent car trip to Utah, Jonas finished up his 1,000 minute summer reading log.  You get a prize for the first 500 minutes and then the 2nd prize for the next 500 is this cool lawn sign.  :)  Love it.  (Miles had finished, too, but lost the privilege of coming to the library that day and thus had to wait a day to get his prizes . . . )

Jonas started baseball this week.  We were lucky and blessed to have gotten a lot of sports equipment hand-me-downs from a Dr. that Ben works with.  Included were some baseball stuff:  a bag, batting gloves, helmet, bats, etc.  Jonas was soooooo excited!  Soooooo excited!  I told him, "Uh-oh, people are going to think you're really good!"  :)  He thought that was funny.

He loved practice and had a lot of fun.

He even got some hits - which, for us, is good.

Another hand-me-down item was a ball-pitching machine.  We set it up this week and Jonas loved it, too.  It's pretty fun.

We are planning to watch The Sandlot this weekend . . . good times!


erinmalia said...

congrats jonas! so awesome.

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