Sunday, June 01, 2014

Memorable May

I almost forgot to take a picture - I started wiping off the "May" title and then remembered.  :)

And, no, "Get Minecraft" was not a scheduled event that I put on the calendar.  The boys wasted spent their lemonade-stand money on buying Minecraft for our PC.  They love it - yet they still only get 20 minutes each Saturday (not day) of computer time.  What do Ben and I think about it - let's just say it was a loooooong day hearing all about minecraft, watching them play for a bit, still not understanding it quite, totally not understanding why kids LOVE it, threatening to take it off the computer at least once if not twice, etc.  :)

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erinmalia said...

hahaha. kids! (and, i should add, my husband! although he hasn't quite ventured into minecraft yet.)