Monday, June 16, 2014

Post-Father's Day Report

Well it was a nice Father's Day - Ben enjoyed the things the kids did for him, I talked to my dad, and Ben spoke with his.  :)

I had gotten a few good ideas from Pinterest . . . and actually did them!  I loved this poster and had one printed up and the kids all wrote down their thoughts on it.  We then hung it up secretly in his church office so that when he got there at 6:30 on Sunday morning he'd see it.  He said it was really fun to see and read.  He also got a picture of the kids and some sassafras candy.  :)

Ben made it home by 4.  He then had to play a game of knights and castles with the boys.  The boys, with blocks and such, had set up some castle-like structures and put their plastic knights all over.  Then the boys, Ben included, take turns shooting at the knights with rubber bands.  It's pretty great.  I'm pretty sure Ben knocked over the most knights.

Then we watched some old home-movies.  Like Miles-as-a-baby old.  We finally got up to Jonas-as-a-baby.  Man did we take a lot of boring movies of Miles!  The kids really love watching them.

We then had our, ahem, expensive dinner.  Ben's choice:  Provencal Beef Stew with french bread.  The stew was really good - then it became really strongly flavored, but still good.  It was definitely fun to try.  Ben even got to make it up Saturday evening (which, truly, he loved).  Then we playe LIFE which wasn't so grand because the kids weren't so grand.  Then we had dessert, Ben's choice of course again:  upside-down apple tart.  I had slightly burned it, but Ben loved it still (he's good like that).  Miles liked it.  The rest of the kids got popsicles.

Anyways, I had the kids all make cards, inspired from these here.  And I had them fill out a father's day questionnaire.  I'm going to write down what they said because I think it's cute and funny and sweet.

My dad is 38/38/28/8 years old.
His hair is brown/brown/blonde/brown and his eyes are blue/blue/like mine/blue.
My dad likes to wear work clothes/nice clothes/clothes/clothes.
He loves to eat pie/soup/pie/chicken.
He is smart because he knows how to be a dad/how to build/what he should do/that dolphins eat stuff.
My dad works hard at work/our ice rink/work/work.
Daddy always tells me to be quiet/be good/stories/that he loves me.
It makes my dad happy when I am with him/we make surprises/I choose the right/he kisses me.
If he could go on a trip, he would to Maine/Maine/Littleton/running and he would take everyon in the family/     /us/me.
I really love it when my dad is funny/plays with me/comes home/takes me on a walk.
If I could give my daddy anything it would be an all-year ice rink/ice rink that never melts/love/a phone.
My favorite thing about daddy is he likes everything/he's nice/he works for us/loving.

I love how so similar the boys' answers were (especially about the ice rink stuff), even though they didn't share any answers out-loud.  Good stuff.  They really do love their dad.  I love their dad, too.

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erinmalia said...

i think i could have picked out who said what even if you didn't put them in order. that lucy. such the baby of the family!