Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Summer Vacay So Far

We had planned to leave for my parents' home after church on Sunday.  Sunday started at 5am with Lucy barfing in bed.  Oh great!  She went back to bed and when she got up again, she was okay.  Not barfing, not eating much, and she was complaining a bit of a stomachache.  "Oh this is a swell way to start our trip and a 6-hour drive in the car," I thought.  I had gotten everyone ready for church and sent them to the car to buckle up.  I came out a few moments later and was told that Lucy had barfed on her carseat, etc.  Ugh.  Anyways, long story made sort-of short:  I dropped the three kids off at church for sacrament meeting and came home with Lucy and washed and dried the barfed-upon stuff.  We then went back to church, got the kids, said farewell to Ben, and headed off to Utah.  I had planned on staying all 3-hours but not when Lucy got sick.

And blessing of blessings, Lucy did great on the cartrip - prayers were answered!  No complaining or barfing.  Awesome.  We made it in good time and all was well.

We've had a busy first couple of days.  Jonas is doing a BYU mini-football camp - it was Monday through today (Wednesday).  It was from 1:30-3:30.  Miles is doing a lego stop-action movie making camp in Lindon (north of Orem) from 3:00-6:00.  So we leave around 12:30 and I take Jonas, drop him off, hang out for a bit with Miles (and the girls on Tuesday and Wednesday), then drive and drop Miles off, drive back and pick up Jonas, hang out with Jonas (and girls on Tuesday and Wednesday), then pick up Miles, then drive back to my parents' home and get there by 6:30ish.  It's a little busy, but good.  And my mom has a hot, yummy dinner ready for us on our return.  Lucky us!

We've been swimming each morning and the kids have loved it.  It's slightly cool out and so we get a little cold - but not bad, really.  The water is kind of warm so that is good.  Here are a few pictures of our first couple of days here:

The kids like to eat out on the back porch.  It keeps the inside cleaner!  :)

Jonas at Cougar Stadium.  Fun!

Each day the kids would meet in the locker room.  The Locker Room.  The first day Mitch Matthews (?) and Jordan Lindsey (a new transfer) spoke to the kids.  Cool.

While Jonas was at camp, Miles and I had a little bit of time before I had to take him to his camp.  So we went to campus and did some of the hands-on experiments at the Eyring Science building.  Here I was blowing some air at him through a vortex thingy.

Jonas' camp always ended in little scrimmages.  Jonas said that was his favorite thing at camp.

Coach Mendenhall was there and fully engaged with the kids.  It was pretty awesome.  Jonas didn't realize who he was that first day until I told him ("He had sunglasses on the whole time," was Jonas' excuse.  :)  Coach Mendenhall even gave Emmy and me high-fives one day - Emmy on Tuesday, me today.  :)

The kids favorite thing, probably, of their days:  swimming.  My least-favorite part.  :(  But it's not too bad, really.  Plus, my mom even bought a swim-suit and has come to the pool with us twice - first time she's been in a pool or swimsuit in like 20-something years.  Go mom!

Lucy was throwing a fit and so I told her she could take some pictures.  She took about 20.  This little pool is great - because it's so shallow, thus so warm!  It's a good way to warm-down and end our swimming time.

Tuesday, while Jonas was at BYU football camp, we went across the street to some BYU Museum of Paleontology.  It was small, but interesting.  Nobody was there - well we did see some workers behind glass windows, but that was it.  The girls were especially nervous of the small room full of head skeletons.

While Miles was at camp I took the other three kids to a splash pad and park in Provo.  The girls had pretty fun - Jonas didn't play at the splash pad, just the playground.

Brrrr . . . there were a lot of laying-down-on-cement-to-get-warm breaks.

We picked up Miles at 6 and then headed back up Provo canyon to my parents' home.  The kids all got a turn talking to Ben on my mom's phone.  :)

 Here Jonas is on his last day of camp - today, Wednesday.

 Coach Mendenhall shared a few thoughts and a story at their last locker-room meeting.

 I convinced the kids to stay for a bit so I could actually watch Jonas doing some of his camp.  We stayed for just a little bit, but I was glad to see some of it.  The kids did drills and had different stations:

 The punting/kicking station.  :)

On the way to taking Miles to camp we stopped and got him some shaved ice.  Then afterwards when we picked up Jonas I took the rest of the kids and they all got some shaved ice.  There are these awesome trees there - LOVE them.
A yummy, fun time.

We then spent the rest of the time-until-we-pick-up-Miles at Blickenstaff's, a really cool toy store at the Shops at Riverwoods.

On a side-note:  my dad has been sick for about a week now.  He got some lab work done last Friday and was told only that his WBC (white blood count) was elevated - indicative of an infection.  That was it.  By Sunday night he and my mom had decided to go back to the doctors - or ER if no appointment could be made.  But Monday morning he started feeling a little better.  But, by today, he was still feeling dizzy and just not quite right.  My mom called his doc (whom he did not get to see on Friday) and either the doc or some lab person said his labs were not right at all and that he needed to be seen.  Anyways, long story made sort-of shorter:  my dad has perhaps some gallbladder issues going on.  But his labs that were taken today are showing improvement.  An ultrasound will be done on Friday, I think, and then further plans discussed then.  I am pretty sure if his labs were read correctly on Friday, he would have had his gallbladder out.  Anyways, so he's been down this whole time - kind of a bummer.  But hopefully things will continue to improve and get figured out!

Whooo-wheeee, I'm done for now.


Niederfam said...

BUSY BUSY. I'm sorry about your Dad, I hope they get it all squared away QUICKLY and CORRECTLY. YUCK.

Both camps sound AWESOME and everything in between sounds pretty great too.

How long are you here??? Maybe we could meet up? We'll be in Park City ALL day Saturday for Mitt's baseball games………..???

erinmalia said...

i want mom to make me hot meals! and really?! she had a swimsuit?! how did miles like his camp?