Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Maxwells' Summer To-Do List, by the kids

So one morning for their writing assignment I asked the kids to write down what they want to do this summer.  Each kid had to write down as many things as they are old.  So I thought about their lists and thought we should try and do what we can and what we can't - we'll make some modifications.  So here is the list, with said modifications:

1.    Ride in dad's truck (check)
2.    Play outside (check)
3.    Go see jellyfish
          *  modification:  Make this cute craft here.

4.    Go to the zoo
          *  modification:  Play zoo with stuffed animals
5.    Go to Ava's home
6.    Go to the swimming pool (check)
7.    Go to the . . . . . something, I will have to ask Emmy what it says in the morning
8.    Go to the skate park
9.    Go to the skating rink (check)
10.  Go to the "plaps"?????  I will have to check with Emmy again on that one.

11.  Go to Ivan's house (check)
12.  Go to the skate park
13.  Play Harry Potter Clue
14.  Paint lots of pictures
15.  Build house out of legos
16.  Play with Josh
17.  Win a baseball game
18.  Go to Legoland
          * modification:  Have a Lego Day.  Play with legos, games with legos, etc., etc.

19.  Go swimming (check)
20.  Go to Summer Camp (check)
21.  Go camping
22.  Dig holes
23.  Sleep outside
24.  Build shaved ice place
          *  modification:  Go get some good shaved ice (check)
25.  Build tree house
          *  Make a cool fort in the backyard
26.  Make a movie
27.  Go to Dragon Wall Restaurant
          *  Make a homemade Chinese buffet dinner perhaps???
28.  Go to Goblin Valley

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erinmalia said...

ha. i swear i didn't see yours before i wrote up my summer to-do list! but your kids have some great ideas. you could do a lot of those out here, hint hint. hahaha.