Saturday, June 07, 2014

The Rest of our Vacay

I'm just going to go over each day of the rest of our trip.  

Again, we went swimming in the morning.  Again, the kids loved it.  On Wednesday I had taken Jonas, Emmy, and Lucy to Blickenstaff's, a fun toy store in Provo, while Miles was at his camp.  Miles really wanted to go and so on Thursday I took him before his camp.  I was able to leave the other three kids at home and so I just had Miles.  I convinced him to buy a potato gun - since he really wanted to buy something and this was something cheap, but something I thought would be fun.  I got one for Jonas - which he paid me for.  The boys love them and they are actually pretty good!  (Sure, I broke one and had to go on Friday and get Jonas a new one.)

I hung out while Miles was at camp and did a few errands and then picked up Miles and met the rest of the gang (minus my Dad) at Dairy Keen for dinner.

The only morning we didn't go swimming - it was a nice break for me.  :)  We checked out an estate sale (Miles bought a candle) and the thrift store in Heber - I got some shorts, twin pants for the girls (they always want to dress like twins!), the game LIFE, etc.  After our shopping, we headed down to Provo to Classic Skating - where we went for our first time over spring break.  Fun times were had again:

 The boys won this game of "Red light, green light."  Awesome.  We had fun skating and playing in the bouncy houses.  There were definitely more kids there this time since it's summer time, but it still wasn't super busy and so it was nice.

 The kids all got tokens to play some games at the end.  The girls got enough tickets to buy Fun Dip - maybe their first experience with them?  Fun!

We then took Miles to his camp - and had some time to kill.  I actually went back to the toy store and bought Jonas a new gun.  Then we came back to Lindon and played a game of LIFE on the grass while Lucy finished her nap in the car.  :)  We played at the elementary school right across from where Miles met.  Then my mom met us and we went in to watch the kids' stop-action movies that they had been working on.
 Here is Miles in his camp shirt.  He really, really loved it and has asked many times if he can do it again next summer.  The stop-action videos were quick and very short.  They were fun to watch.  Miles did a lot with "transition frames" and was excited about that.  At the beginning of his movie he had appear on his screen:  "Please turn off all cell phones."  Nice.

We went out to dinner at a salad, pizza, pasta buffet place.  It was good and the kids had fun - too fun, in fact, that Jonas and Miles had to do a time-out when we got home since they couldn't sit at the restaurant.  Awesome.

Saturday - our last day.  We went swimming for our last and final time.  Then we headed over to a "Day on the Farm" event hosted at the local dairy here.  It was pretty awesome and the kids had a really great time.  My mom met us there when she was done with a baptism at the church.  There was free pizza, milk, ice cream cones, face painting, petting zoo (a favorite spot for my kids!), tree swings, etc.  There were tons of people, too!

 Here are the girls dressed as twins for the day.  Pretty cute!

 Emmy holding a bunny.  She loved holding the baby animals.  (I have tons and tons of pictures of my kids with the animals.  Oh well!)

 The boys and chickens.  Gross.  :)

 Emmy and another bunny.

 Jonas and a duck.

 There was this old carnival ride.  It was powered by . . . the parents of the kids sitting in it.  :)  It was heavy to move!

 The kids really loved it - even the boys.  Funny kids.

 The girls waited in line to get their faces painted.  They waited forever.  But they were really super excited about their butterfly faces!  So sweet.  :)

 A super fun tree swing!  I love this picture.

 And this picture!

Then we were back to the petting zoo:

 My favorite kind of thing to hold:  a cute kid.

Then, since this wasn't enough (!), we drove to Provo and watched The Lego Movie at the dollar-theater.  The kids really liked it.  I was hoping to get a nap in, but it was just too loud.  Not for Lucy, though - she had a good nap.  Though when I told her that she napped, she got quite upset with me and told me she had not.  Funny girl.
At the movie.  Thank goodness for booster seats!

We ended the evening with a nice walk around the neighborhood.  I love this area.  It's so beautiful.  We had a really good and busy and full week.  Everything went well and the kids got to do a lot of fun things.  It's too bad my dad wasn't feeling good (he goes in on Monday to get his gallbladder out), but it was still good to be around my parents.

But all good things must come to an end and so tomorrow we'll drive back home.  But there is always a silver lining:  seeing Ben again!  Wahooo.


erinmalia said...

this just sounds exhausting! and doubly exhausting since you're doing it all alone. but what lucky kids!

erinmalia said...

also, that pic of you and lucy is really cute.