Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Ben's 2nd counselor in the bishopric invited our family to come up to their cabin in Arrowhead.  They moved in permanently to their cabin last October.  Arrowhead is about an hour's drive from our home.  We drive by the turn-off all the time, but have never actually driven in to Arrowhead.

So we were invited to come up last Saturday afternoon.  We had a really fantastic time - the kids loved it all, too!  We hung out, used the bathroom a lot (poor Lucy was suffering from a bad tummy-ache), went on ATV rides, fished, ate dinner, cooked s'mores, etc.

It is a pretty area and we were glad to get out of Montrose for a bit.
 Lucy caught the first fish of the day!

Jonas was next!

Then Miles!

Then finally Emmy (although it wasn't technically her line, but we were wanting to go and so she got to reel it in.  She kept asking, "Is this one really mine?"  "Yep, you reeled it in!"  Now let's go . . . :)!

Jonas tried to gut Emmy's fish.  I don't think he quite did it and ended up having Ben help.

Love the tongue!

Emmy and Dale and Anne Erickson.  Lucy got to ride the ATV to the lake and Emmy from the lake.  The boys went for a ride when we got back.

The boys got really in to their pocketknives that they had gotten from Aunt Renee and were whittling away sticks in to canoes, etc.  Fun!

The four of us were able to all sit on the ATV and we went on a good ride.  It was fun.  We even ran in to another ward member that lives up there - he was sitting on a bench at the fire station.

We ate dinner and s'mores - then the kids begged for one more ride on the ATV, after which we headed back home.

It was a lovely Saturday.

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erinmalia said...

so is the one-hour drive still in your ward? that's crazy!