Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Ben's 20th HS Reunion

We went to Littleton this past weekend - for Ben's 20th HS Reunion.  And I got no pictures.  Super lame.  But it's okay.  :)

The whole reunion was kind of lame . . . there weren't that many people there and Ben really didn't know many who were there anyways.  I guess he knew them, but didn't have any sort of friendship/relationship with them from HS and so it wasn't super grand.  We didn't stay too long.  I guess there was something Friday night at a bar that we didn't go to - but more people were there.

But Ben's highlight was a little seminary reunion he helped plan and organize.  He did this on Saturday morning at his old church building.  There were about 8-9 seminary students, plus the beloved seminary teacher and his perhaps more-beloved wife, plus spouses and kids.  We had a pancake, sausage, and hash-brown breakfast and it was fun.  One of Ben's best-friends was in town from Texas and so just having him there made it worth it for Ben.  It was fun.  Here's a picture I stole from someone's FB:
Alan (a best-friend), Ben, Camille, another Camille I think, and Frank Okoren - the seminary teacher.  There were a few other people that didn't make it in this photo I guess.

Ben's parents were nice to watch our kids while we went reunioning.  :)

That night we watched "The Gods Must Be Crazy" as a family.  It's great and my kids were really in to it.  Funny.  Lucy was asking me today why the kids were all naked.  :)

On Sunday Ben and I again left our kids (!) and went to Fort Collins.  We had some good friends in Montrose that moved there and they were blessing their little babe.  So we went up for that.  It was great seeing them and their newest cutie, Anders.  It was fun to go up there.  Our kids were taken to church by Grandma and Grandpa and were supposedly "great."  :)

We headed out Monday morning.  It's never fun saying bye, but we'll see each other soon at the Maxwell Reunion in August.
 Grandpa Max and Grandma Diana - such fine folk.  :)  We sure do love them!

Apparently we don't let our windows down when traveling 70 MPH - because it was a huge highlight for the kids!  
 They loved it!  :)

We drove until we came to the Hanging Lake trailhead and parked there (along with 100 other cars!) and headed out to hike Hanging Lake.

The kids look happy, but going up was kind of not.  Miles got in trouble and wasn't happy that he had to stay in the back, Jonas couldn't think about anything other than lunch, etc., etc.  Lucy was happy.  I think that was it.  Maybe Ben was, too.  :)

 The look cute, though, even when not happy.

A cool spot.

So Lucy.

And we made it - and, oh no, Lucy is not happy now.  I hadn't gotten mad at her because we just wanted everyone to stand in the corner so we could get a picture.  It was pretty difficult, but we kind of succeeded.

The lake was awesome!  Emmy had the perfect "OOOOOHHHHHHHH" expression when she saw it.

The kids climbed up to see the falls.

Then they climbed a little in to be by the falls.  Fun for them.

Miles took this picture and it turned out great.  The lake is so beautiful and the kids really were impressed.

A cool spot on the way down.

We let the kids cool off in the stream.  It was cold!  But the kids enjoyed it anyways.

Just having fun.
 It took her about 2 minutes to get filthy dirty on our hike.  That's my Emmy-girl.

Another great way to cool off was to dip their hats in the water and then put them on.  Awesome.

We then drove to Glenwood Springs and stopped off for some ice-cream:
 Yummy and fun!

Lucy loved her cotton candy ice cream.  :)

Our amigo Jonas (the "J" is silent in this case of course) had fun with his ice cream.  :)

It was a fun hike, even though all of it wasn't super enjoyable.  But the overall and end results were great and I guess that's what really counts.


erinmalia said...

shouldn't it be Honas, like with an "h" sound?

anyway, hooray for weekend trips to littleton!

emily said...

yes, yes, honas. but still spelled jonas - with the j silent and the h sound. that's what i meant, just didn't write it all out. :)

Nicole said...

You are good sports to go to the reunion! Aren't they somewhat awkward no matter what?!

What a pretty hike! Glad the kiddos were happy and had fun.