Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Medieval Times

That's what I call our little business - I'm not sure it's Ben's choice of names, though . . .

Ben has wanted to make some wooden swords since the Swiss Days event in Midway, UT.  We went last year (Labor Day weekend).  We had walked around the booths and Jonas found one selling wooden swords; he loved the swords and we ended up getting him a basic one.

Ben has been determined to make some ever since.  He's made a few here and there - some for our kids, others for friends' birthdays, etc.  But he's wanted to try and sell them.

Anyways, long story made short is that one Monday we decided to go for it and try to make and sell products at the county fair - 5 days away.  That was a fun and busy week.  Lots of garage-time - that's where Ben's power tools are, etc.  The boys did a lot of work, too.  Miles cut the tips of the swords, they both helped measure, trace, sand, and stain.  The boys loved it.  Friday night Ben ended up slicing his finger pretty badly and had to go to the ER.  All was well (he's tough!) and when he got back, we got back to work.  We were just set-back a few hours and so we didn't get to bed until 2am . . .

We decided on two days for the fair - Saturday and Wednesday.  Saturday was pretty slow and only a few items were sold.  (Oh the girls helped me during the week in making beaded tiaras.  I also worked on some "decor" for our booth.  It was a fun family project for us all.)  But the boys still had great fun - well all the kids did.  But we left the boys for a few hours on their own and that was pretty cool for them.  Wednesday was a better day and we definitely sold more and made decent money (although we are still not making profit yet . . .).  Again, the boys were on their own for awhile and did well managing everything - and enjoyed themselves.

This Friday, August 1st, we are going to the Ridgway's Farmer's Market.  We still have stuff leftover and so we're hoping to sell more!  We'll see how it goes.

Here's a few pictures of our Medieval adventures:
Joans working in the garage.

The assembly line.  Pretty cool!

Here was our little "booth."  It turned out all right, I think.  The next time I hung the headbands on tulle and so it looked better than hangers.  :)

Pretty much the same exact picture.

What happens after a hard day's work.  She fell asleep in the weirdest of positions.  :)

The kids liked going to the different "shows" that sometimes were going on.  This was the hypnotist one - Miles wasn't hypnotized.  He's too head-strong for something like that.  :)

It was a great adventure - we had fun working on a project together as a family.  Now to actually make money from it . . .:)

P.S.  Our booth was extremely popular with all the boys at the fair.  They just flocked over and looked and played with the swords.  They just didn't have money to buy.  But everyone just loved the products.  We didn't sell too many of our beaded tiaras - even though they are super cute.  But every time we did the girls were super excited!

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erinmalia said...

i just think this is so cool! the swords are totally original and i love it.