Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Miles and a goose egg

We went to the skate park last Friday morning and met up with some friends and had a grand old time.  Lucy loves riding her little pedal-less bike all over that park.  It's awesome.  Jonas is getting a little better on his skateboard - he's got lots to still learn, but he's definitely getting better and he's super excited about that.  Emmy's friend came and they had a good time biking all over, too.

Miles had fun at the park, but had to do some exploring, too - of course.  The boys followed him and they found a bunch of goose feathers.  But Miles found something more:  a goose egg.  He was quite surprised when I told him "No, you're not bringing that thing home."  That kid!

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erinmalia said...

whoa. we've found some little blue birds' eggs lately, but nothing that big!