Saturday, July 05, 2014

Our 4th of July

So we girls had a good fourth!  I tried to keep it low-keyed and low-scheduled so we could be more free in what we felt like doing, etc.  I had to turn down some invites so we could just stay relaxed.  I think it worked out great.  
 I spent the morning doing yard work and then went in to do the girls' hair for the day.  I love this picture:  Emmy taking a picture of Lucy's hair.  :)

The rest of the Euer gang (the dad and 2 boys went backpacking with our boys) - which includes mom Jashel, Damon, and baby Ashly - came over around 9:30 to walk to the parade.  A cute picture of Emmy, Lucy, and Damon.  I love all the red, white and blue!

Waiting for the parade to start . . .

 Such cute sisters.

We walked around Main Street for a bit and had to get the firecracker popsicles.  Patriotic and yummy.

The girls got to do the slide a few times.  (On a sad note:  I think this is where Lucy left/lost her boo.  I'm not sure we'll be able to find it!  Lucy is sad.  I am too.)

We came back from the downtown activities and ate lunch.  Then we headed to the pool.  The girls had a fun time swimming!  When we got back I read a few books to the girls and that got them sleepy and they took a nap - a late nap, from like 4-6.  It was perfect - so they would be able to stay up for fireworks!

I got them up and we ate dinner, including our patriotic fruit and marshmallow salad:
 Then we rode downtown to try and find Lucy's boo.  Looked.  Went in stores.  Asked a police officer.  No such luck.  Bummer.

We got back and the girls swirled up these cookies:
 Fun.  And the girls watched a movie.  Then we headed over to watch the fireworks.

This was Lucy's first time - so exciting!

There was lots of gymnastics happening while we were waiting.



A Lucy straddle headstand!

 Finally (close to around 9:45?) the fireworks started!  The girls loved them!

I heard lots of wow's!  :)

My fireworks pictures turned out funny.  Awesome.  I had them on a fireworks setting, but I didn't have a tripod, which you pretty much need.  :)

So I had to ride my bike everywhere - with the girls in the trailer.  We rode to the library on Thursday.  To the swimming pool.  To downtown.  And to the fireworks show.  It's a good thing we're fairly close to everything.  The ride home in the dark was not my favorite, but we made it!

Good times for sure.


erinmalia said...

the hair turned out perfectly. see, you can do something and have it turn out just like on pinterest!

i cannot believe how much open space you have at the fireworks. that will NEVER happen here!

and we had the same issue with fireworks settings, but no tripod. ha.

Niederfam said...

The hair is AWESOME. AND……..it all looked like a perfect way to spend the 4th of July!!!

Niederfam said...

The hair is AWESOME. AND……..it all looked like a perfect way to spend the 4th of July!!!