Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Out of doors Friday

Back in the spring my friend Heather and I talked about getting a group together on Fridays for some outdoor adventures with our kids.  We didn't start until about the 2nd month of summer, but we've pretty much done something every Friday since.  Once we rode our bikes on a fun and easy path to the Ridgway park.  Another time the group (minus our family who were gone in Utah) went and hiked in Ouray.  We went and biked to the skate board and played there.  The bike bumps were another time - although we had to miss that one, too.  We post what we are doing on facebook and then whoever wants to can come!

Last Friday we went on a fun hike in the Little Cimarron area.  It was really beautiful and fun:
 All the kids that came - what a cute group!  This was our snack-log.  :)

Lucy and her adorable friend Lila eating lunch.

Emmy and her friends, too.

Our ants on a log eating lunch.

I made the girls some wild accessories.  :)

 Lucy got one, too.  So sweet.

 Again, Lucy fell asleep after a hard day's work.  :)  (I had a hard day of dealing with her on the way up on our hike, but I didn't get a nap . . . :).

It's been fun getting out with friends to cool places.

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erinmalia said...

so fun! did she fall asleep on the chair? that's hilarious!