Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Short and Sweet

Ben's sister, Debbie, and her husband Kenny and 3 of their 4 kids, were able to stop over at our house on Tuesday night and even sleep-over.  :)  It was so great.  They are traveling from their home in Texas to Provo - where they will pick up their other child, Katie.  Anyways, they stopped in Mesa Verde on their way up and we encouraged them to come and stay with us for a night - which they did.  Wahoo.

They got in around 8pm and left by 9am the next morning - so it was definitely short and sweet.  But we loved it all and were so glad they made the stop!  Melanie, Josh, and Claire are such great and nice kids!

Back row:  Jonas, Josh, and Emmy
Front row:  Ben, Miles, Debbie, Melanie, and Claire
(behind cameras:  me and Kenny and a stubborn Lucy)

We love family and are super excited for Ben's family reunion next week - where we'll get to see Deb and fam again, plus everyone else.  Woop, woop.

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Niederfam said...

Always FUN to have family visit, and sometimes "short and sweet" is the BEST way to have visitors! ;)

YAY for Jonas and his (maybe) undefeated baseball team!!! So fun to watch your kids play.

Arrowhead looks like a GREAT place to visit

Ummmm…your "shop" looks SO cool. My little ones would DEFINITELY be stopping by to spend their hard earned dollars!!! CUTE CUTE. Happy selling.