Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Cuzes Meet up in Utah

Well my sister and her family flew in to Utah last Wednesday.  My sister and her husband then flew out (just themselves, leaving their 2 boys with our parents) on Friday morning for a week-long vacation.  My parents are taking the boys to Yellowstone this week and so I decided to go for a few days last week so we could all meet up for a few days.  It was a great little trip!  We hardly see each other and so it was especially fun to see the cousins together.  It was also great to see Erin and Chuck for a bit, too.

Anyways, I headed out Wednesday morning.  After a stop at a lego place in Grand Junction, we were on our way to Midway or bust!  Well bust we kind of did - but luckily not too badly!  As we were coming upon Helper I just started to feel like I needed to slow down.  I couldn't feel anything terribly wrong, but it also didn't feel super normal and I just felt I needed to slow down.  So I did.  I still didn't notice anything really bad, but I just knew something was wrong.  Finally, I knew I had to pull off  - so I pulled off at Helper's first exit.  Right as I exited it was completely obvious that we had a flat tire.  I parked in some lot and checked out our front flat-tire.  Bummer!  Anyways, to make a long event not-so-long in writing, nobody in Helper would help (how ironic is that!) due to "liability concerns."  Blech.  But a nice gal had overheard me and offered to help.  Yes, I kind of know how to change a tire, but it had been a looooong while and I didn't think I would trust myself anyways.  Plus, I didn't have all that was needed.  Anyways, the young gal and her mother helped - but it wasn't easy since we didn't have all that we needed.  Again, nobody from Helper that drove past us stop to help.  But after over an hour my spare was put on and I drove back to Price to Big-O and got a new tire.  We had to wait at Big-O for 1 1/2 hours.  It was soooo long.  But my kids did enjoy the free popcorn and the movie "Chicken Run" that they had put on for them.  :)  So we made it to Midway about 3 1/2 hours late.  Bummer.  But we made it!

Hanging out at Big-O.  Awesome.  Not really, though.

The kids started their legos (that they had bought in Junction) as soon as we finished up with dinner.  Fun!

Aunt-E reading a book to everyone . . . except Jonas who was still working on his legos.  :)  What a cute bunch.  Oh, and I had to point out what Lucy was doing to Aunt-E.  She was biting/chewing off her toenails with her mouth.  She totally gets that from her Aunt.  :)

On Thursday we got up and Erin and I did a run together, which was super fun.  Erin was super great - even though she was 5,000 feet higher than she was the day before.  :)  After that we all headed out to the "Fairy Forest."  I had just seen this on one of Ben's friend's facebook comment.  It looked like great fun and so we went.  It was great fun.  I can't even explain the place - it's just something you have to go and see for yourself.  It's kind of weird, yet totally delightful for kids (and grandmas :).  So I have tons and tons of pictures of all sorts of different fairy houses we saw.  I won't post them all, but probably lots.  Here I go:

 On our way . . .

What a cute fairy village - my favorite part is the clothes-line.  Sooo cute.  :)

Stonehenge, love it.

Once you get to the fairy forest you just wander around all sorts of paths that are lined with little fairy houses, villages, etc.  People just set up their own little stuff.  It's pretty adorable.

Just trying to show a glimpse of the forest.  But this doesn't do it justice at all.

The trolls were pretty great.

Snack time!

This was a Fairy Haunted House place and so the kids had to make a scary face. Nice.

Cute girl.  Cute fairy houses.

Love the "pops" of color!

Love the painted pinecones!

Cute and creative.

Some fairies.  :)

The girls loved the sparkles and jewels.

A stick painted like a moose.  :)

Emmy and a rock Olaf.

A fairy barn - complete with rock cows in the pasture.  :)  There was even a chicken coop!

So that was a fun adventure.  We drove up a little more and checked out Provo falls - which were pretty awesome!  Then we went back to Midway, stopping at Kamas for a lunch break.

We went swimming a little later and then headed to Heber's Farmer Market.  It was a bit crowded and crazy, but still fun to go down to.  We got dinner there and the kids played at the park.

This was Miles' favorite part of the park - this spinny thing.  I think he was there the whole time.  It was pretty cool.  Emmy is on top in the purple sweatshirt.  Jonas, which you can see in the top picture, was in the middle with a white shirt.  Miles was somewhere, as well as Rhett.  Right as we were leaving, it started raining.  Very cool!  It was a fun day.

Erin and Chuck flew out early Friday morning.  The rest of us headed to Thanksgiving Point's newest attraction:  the curiosity musuem.  Something new + in Utah county + for kids = lots of families!  Aiyiyi.  The line was huge and we debated several times about going and doing something different, but in the end we decided we were there and we just went for it.  And it turned out good.  It wasn't super crowded once inside and the kids really, really loved it.  There were many different areas to explore and play:  the motion center, the rainforest, kidtropolis, outdoor discovery gardens, and water-works.  It was fun and we spent like the whole day there.  Even though we didn't run around as much as the kids, I think we "old" people were more tired than the kids.  :)  I only took a few pictures (none of which were the neat exhibits):

 Lunch time with a bunch of cute cousins.  :)

The discovery garden had a pretty cool playground area.  My kids, Emmy especially, LOVED the see-saws.  LOVED.  It was all Emmy did there.  Awesome.

And here is Ollie, just a little bit wet from the water-works station.  :)

After dinner my dad took his "thing" (Polaris) and drove down kids to 7-11 for free Slurpees.  Why free Slurpees?  Because it was July 11th - 7/11.  Awesome.  Montrose doesn't have a 7-11 and so it was fun for the kids to get to do this.

The kids watched a movie that night and then we called it good.  We headed out by about 8am on Saturday morning to make it back to Grand Junction - where we met up with Ben and watched a production our stake (plus 4 others) have been working on, called 18 Lives and the Book of Mormon.

It was fun to hang out with Rhett and Ollie and get to know them a little more.  Rhett is definitely growing up in to a great boy.  He's very good with his "thank you's" I noticed.  He and Emmy were really great buddies and it was fun to see them.  They chatted the entire drive to and from wherever we went.  It was cute listening to them.

Ollie is just adorable, too.  Jonas was so sweet with him and just buddied up with him.  Jonas is really great with little kids and just likes them, I guess.  It was cute to see Jonas helping out Ollie (Erin, when you get a chance can you send me the picture of Jonas carrying Ollie?).  Ollie is funny - and quite quick and witty, really.  He and Lucy clashed a bit - it was kind of funny, though.  If I told Lucy she couldn't do something, Ollie was quick to repeat me.  Much to Lucy's dislike.  :)  "I know Ollie."  I'm sure as they get older they will be more chummy like Rhett and Emmy.

Anyways, I'm already looking forward to next summer when we'll hopefully get to hang out for more than a few days with the Hubands . . .


Rachelle said...

What a great trip...And it reminded me of the last time I was in a car that blew a tire - with you, when we were going up to run in Logan! When I tell that story to my children, I'm always glad that someone stopped to help us - Your awesome story about "Helper" reminds me that it's about time for me to be independent and learn how to change a tire! :)

erinmalia said...

that fairy place was such a good way to spend the morning. thanks for a great find!

and i didn't think you had a 7-11, so that's awesome.

i loved watching jonas with ollie! so sweet!

next year we'll run that race and then get to spend more time together. of course, you could always come out here.... :)

Niederfam said...

So sorry about the flat tire. I wouldn't have known what to do either…..I should learn, I've TRIED to learn. I need to do better and pay more attention! ;)

The rest looks like SO much fun though. I might have to take my little to the fairy garden. What a FUN find!

Glad you got to see your sis, even briefly, and the kiddos!

Angie Hawkes said...

I want to take my girls to the fairy forest. Was it easy to find? It looks so much fun!

Nicole said...

Super fun! Glad you made it out after a bad mishap. Boo!
So fun to be reunited with siblings! The fairy place is interesting...but very cool too!!