Sunday, July 06, 2014

The little boys' First Backpacking trip

It was a success!  Upon returning Ben said, "It was great!"  Yay!

If Ben had time, I would have him blog about this - since I wasn't there, of course.  But since Ben doesn't even have time to do what he's suppose to do, you'll just have to listen to me blog about this adventure from what I was told . . .

 The group made it to the trail-head Thursday evening a little before 8pm.  Here they are:  Miles, Peyton, Mason, and Jonas.

They hiked for about 45 minutes.  I think they were hoping to make it to the open, flat meadow section we had read about in the trail description, but it was getting dark and so they needed to stop.  Luckily they found a slightly level place and made camp there.  This picture was taken Friday morning.

Here is the meadow section.  Ben said the trail was really beautiful.  They headed out nice and early (Ben said everyone was up by 5:30!) to Powederhorn lake.

Bones!  They found bones on the trail and that was super exciting.  Ben guesses they are probably deer or elk bones.

On the trail; cute little backpackers.

This is a section of beaver ponds and some streams.

Here is lower Powderhorn lake - their destination for Friday.  They made it up in a few hours.  The total distance from the trail-head to this lake is 4 miles.  It's really pretty!

 They tried fishing in the lake but didn't have any success.  So then they went down to the beaver ponds and had great success there.

Miles and Jonas each caught a couple.  The Euer boys got like 1/2 a dozen each or so.  Awesome.  They did cook them up and my boys said they were really yummy.

It's hard to see in this photo, but Ben thought it was funny:  the boys all wanted to go fishing and they are all fishing in this photo.  Standing next to each other shoulder-to-shoulder.  Funny boys.

Ben, Miles, Jonas and Mason went to hike to the upper Powederhorn lake on Friday in the late afternoon.  Jonas tired out and Mason did, too, so they turned around and went back down the trail.  It turned out they were only about 8 or so minutes from the lake.  Bummer.

But Ben and Miles made it - and loved it!  It was a really big lake and just really beautiful and neat.

Back at camp . . . fire-starting time!  Always a highlight for boys.

I sent up some firework "snakes" with our boys.  They loved lighting them at the fire.

This is a pretty cool "panoramic" shot (all pictures were taken from Ben's ipod).  It's cool, but check out Miles. . . :)

Here they are heading back down the trail on Saturday morning.  Oh, one more thing.  They saw a moose at the lake - so cool!  This was a first moose for the boys and a first moose for Ben in Colorado.

It was a great adventure with some great friends!

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erinmalia said...

so great! next time let me know you're doing this in advance and i'll send my boys. ha. it does look amazing there.