Monday, August 25, 2014

Adventures of Urban Chicken Farmers

So I mentioned to Ben how one chicken always stays away from the others, never comes out when we drop off food scraps, etc.  So Ben went to check out the situation this morning and couldn't find the chicken and was convinced it had somehow escaped.  Later in the day we saw the other chicken.  Then Ben started thinking . . . a few weeks back when Ben's sister was here she (Debbie) found an egg - by our little chicken.  We hadn't gotten any eggs since . . . So Ben thought maybe the chicken was brooding over her eggs.  I went out with Lucy in the evening to dump in some corn cobs and found the little spot where the chicken goes and hides . . . and lays her eggs.  It was quite the process to get her off her eggs, but we (not meaning me, of course!) did.  What a fun chicken adventure (fun because I didn't have to get too close to any chickens!).

 Ben held the chicken while Miles got the eggs.  The chicken was not happy with Ben.

She probably wasn't happy with Miles stealing her eggs either.


All the kids were excited about finding the hidden stash of eggs.  And climbing on the coop was pretty fun, too.

Little Lucy watching all the action from down below.  :)  So sweet.

Unfortunately, we weren't sure how old the eggs.  We did the "egg test" to see if they were good and bad - and they all floated, supposedly meaning they are old and bad.  But I don't quite buy it.  Because not ALL of the eggs would be old, yet they all floated.  I think it's because they are miniature eggs.  Anyways, we didn't eat any of them.

Hopefully, somehow, we can get the chickens to lay in their laying spots!  :)

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erinmalia said...

oh that greedy little chicken. you'll get her. :)