Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dear Emmy,

Happy 7th Birthday!  You're getting older - you know it and love it.  Although you wish you had all the privileges your brothers have.  But don't worry, you have way more than they had at your age.  We tell you this, but it doesn't seem to really help . . .

This past year was your first year of school.  You went all day.  All day long!  It was a little long for you, but really you loved school and had many friends and so you were usually excited about going each day.  Your first teacher, Mrs. Arrechea, was fabulous and you really liked her.  This year you have Mrs. Brummit - just who you wished you would have!  I think she'll be fabulous, too.  You started 1st grade with only one other girl from your kindergarten class (plus some boys), but you're making new friends already after the first week.

You are a fun girl to be around.  You have just about the best giggle in the world.  When you're happy, you just giggle and giggle.  You giggle at gymnastics.  You giggle while playing.  You giggle a lot.  It is so sweet and cute to hear you giggle.  When you're happy, you're happy!

But . . . when you're not, you're not!  Aiyiyi.  You can be so sweet and so adorable, and then so none of those things.  You almost have a switch - a happy or not-happy switch.  It's either up (happy) or down (not-happy).  And, really, let's be honest:  your not-happy could probably be better described by saying MAD.  That's what happens when you are not happy:  you get mad.  If I tell you anything that doesn't sound like fun to you, I get a big "UGH" and a really mad girl.  "Emmy, it's time for chores."  "UGH!  I HATE chores!  Why do I have to do chores!  Isn't that what parents should do?  I HATE chores."  Something like that.

So you have very happy emotions (evidenced by the best of all giggles) and very mad emotions (evidenced by what I said up above), plus you have very tender emotions.  You have already started crying at sad movies.  You try to hold it in because I think you're embarrassed by it, but I think it's cute.  We watched this movie Hachi a month or so ago and it was pretty much the saddest movie I have seen!  You would agree.  I was holding it in pretty good, and then I looked over at you and you were just about to burst.  So I told you it was okay and then you broke loose and just sobbed and sobbed and sobbed.  It was very sweet and tender of you.  We both agreed that we will never watch that movie again (although it is sweet and based on a true story).

You did soccer, dance, and gymnastics this past year.  You are, so far, our best soccer player.  You just go after the ball and enjoy playing.  You were so fun to watch.  You were in dance - and although you didn't love going to dance practice each Friday afternoon, you LOVED your performance.  You were in the Polar Express and were sooooo cute.  You got to move up to another gymnastics class.  You are the youngest girl in your class.  The other girls are good and so they are great examples of what you can do, too.  You really like gymnastics and hardly ever complain about going (unlike when you did dance).  I love listening to you giggle during your class (that Coach Kirk is sure one amazing coach!).

You are a weird eater.  I would love to say picky since you hardly ever eat much of dinner.  Yet you beg to eat school lunch more often.  Say what?!  It's true.  You and your brothers get to chose one school lunch a week - and you want more.  You don't really like sandwiches, nor tortillas wraps, nor much else for a decent homemade lunch.  Last year you did pretty good with PB and banana and honey sandwiches (by pretty good I mean maybe, on a good day, eating 1/2 of an already teeny-tiny sandwich), but I don't think you're in to them this year.  We'll have to find something for you to eat!  Besides sweets and treats. I know you'd eat those.  :)

You are brave and often times do things your brothers won't do.  You still remain a great big-sister to Lucy.  She drives you nuts at times and you make plenty of mean faces at her, but you do put up with a lot.  You let her play with you and your friends.  In fact, just today she was invited to your friend's birthday party and you didn't complain at all.

You wish Jonas and Miles were nicer brothers ("I HATE brothers!  I wish I never had brothers!") and I think someday they will be.  I'm pretty sure that most of their friends will have some serious crushes on your because 1.  You are a super fun girl and 2.  You are a super beautiful girl.

You're a good girl and I love you tons, Emmy.

your mom

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