Thursday, August 28, 2014

Emmy's 7th Birthday

I don't remember having a hard time falling asleep on my birthday eve.  Christmas Eve, of course.  But birthday eve, no?  (Right, mom???)  But Emmy sure does.  She was up way late for her - around 9:30.  She cried, couldn't fall asleep, switched rooms, etc., etc.  But, of course, she finally fell asleep.

Well around 6am she and Lucy were up.  Sheesh!  After I bit I let the kids come down and check out a few of the morning birthday surprises.

 And she's 7!  Well, not technically - and my kids get technical, trust me.  In fact, she wasn't 7 until like 10:30 on her birthday night.  But whatevs.  :)  It was still her birthday!  (Although remember what I think?  It's MY birthday of Emmy and her bornday.  :)

 Emmy really, really wanted a pet.  I really, really didn't want her to have a pet.  But the boys wanted to buy her a fish and I thought I could handle that.  Emmy was really excited!  I think she named him Blue Fish.  Awesome.  (Name change as of this morning:  Princess of the Sea.  Awesomer.)

This was Emmy's big present - an our generation doll, horse, bed, and 7 adorable outfits.  I found it on craigslist, close to Littleton.  Jim and Diana picked it up.  Then we lucked out and a family friend was driving from Littleton to Grand Junction.  So while Ben was up in Junction last Saturday for a church meeting, he picked the stuff up.  And it was totally worth it.  She LOVES it - loves it all.  By 7:30am the horse had been fed and groomed and the doll had changed outfits 3 times and had taken a nap.  :)  And I had gotten a big and unasked for hug and "thank you so much!"

Aw, she loves her.  Now we'll need to come up with a good name.

At our house, it's always a family affair.  Even dressing the dolls - which, oddly enough, is something Jonas really likes to do.  :)

Breakfast time!  She got her fun cereal, but also a special bonus:  left-over from last night's dinner - a coconut roll!  Her favorite food is coconut and so she was happy to have that yummy roll!

Aw, she was still lovin' on her doll and horse.  :)

We sent the kids off to school and then Lucy got to help me make the cake.  Lucky girl!

 I checked Emmy out for lunch and we got some bagels.  Fun, fun.

Then we spent a little time at the park before checking her back in.

I finished up the cake that afternoon.  I am pretty sure it's my worst-looking cake ever.  Ha!  I just laugh every time I look at it.  I mean, it was the easiest cake of all - except for Olaf, whom I totally bombed.  :)  But the kids thought it was great.  This was the cake requested by Emmy.

After school we headed out to one of Ben's co-worker's (Laura) house.  She has horses and we thought it would be a neat experience for Emmy and the rest of the kids to ride one.  Emmy is in that girl phase of loving horses . . .

Here were are driving to Laura's; Emmy brought her doll, which was dressed in her 4th outfit for the day.  :)

Emmy was really, really scared when Laura brought the horse out.  So scared!  Slowly she started warming up and would allow Ben to get within a 5-foot distance of the horse.  Finally, she groomed the horse (named Princess) a bit.  But she still wasn't sure about riding her!

But Jonas was.  He was first up!

During Jonas' ride, Emmy said she wanted to be next.  So she was.  Her fear was totally gone and she really loved it.

Then both girls got to ride together - so cute, so very cute!  (Laura held the reins and walked the horse.)

After the kids all had a turn, it was Ben's turn.  Laura didn't hold the reins for him; he got to go all by himself.  :)

Then Ben took each of the kids with him.  They went "fast."  They all loved it - well, except for Lucy who didn't go again.

 While one kid was on the horse, the others were in the barn playing with the cute baby bunnies.  So fun.

We left and came home and had dinner, then opened the rest of her gifts, then played, then did homework (darn school-night!), then had cake and ice cream.  (It was homemade coconut ice cream and was pretty awesome.)

 Miles lighting the candles . . .

 Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you . . .

I think her wish was, "I wish I don't have to go to school tomorrow!"

Unfortunately it did not come true.

It was a great day celebrating and loving our great Emmy girl.

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erinmalia said...

wha? i thought i commented. oh well. seven. unbelievable! happy (late) birthday emmy!