Saturday, August 16, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Lucy!

Well happy birthday Lucy Dee, dee, dee.  I always like to say it just like that, "Lucy Dee, dee, dee."  It comes from a book we have and it says, "Chickadee, dee, dee."  :)

Four, you are actually turning 4.  So crazy and weird.  And sad for me, too.  You're the last 4-year old I'll ever have.  Sigh.  And I'm sure you're going to be a great one, too!  Right?!  You've been a little rough the past month - let's blame it on the fact that this summer you didn't have scheduled naps (too much going on, the kids all home, etc.) and stayed up later a lot, too.  I think that has all finally caught up to you and you've been, ummmm, how do I say this?  You aren't necessarily throwing tantrums, but you are quick to cry and scream.  It's kind of driving us all a little nuts.

But . . . school (for your siblings) starts in a couple of days and so maybe we can get back to more of a scheduled routine.  I thrive with routine and I think kids do, too.  Last year was the first year that all your siblings were gone at school.  It was just you and me.  You were my little buddy, going everywhere I went.  Grocery shopping, visiting teaching, and whatever other errands popped up (there were always plenty of errands).

I love having you with me.  I can honestly say you are one of my best-friends.  Not that I'm trying to be your best-friend, because I'm pretty sure I'm not (remember this?).  And that's okay (that I'm not your BFF), as long as you just like me.  :)  As a mom, I will definitely settle for that.

You are pretty thoughtful - as your dad just said.  You understand other people's emotions - as demonstrated by the above-linked convo.  As well as something that recently happened.  You were playing with your dad's work badge.  Your dad asked you not to because he didn't want you to break it.  You didn't heed his warning . . . and you broke it.  You felt bad about it.  The interesting thing was that the next day, as soon as your dad came home from work, you gave him a hug and then asked him if you had gotten a new badge.  It was still on your mind and you were still worried about it.  You really are aware of other people's feelings and can show that sensitivity a lot.

You really had a great time with your older cousins at the Maxwell reunion.  You had a crush on one of them (Curtis :) and really enjoyed all of the girl-cousins, too - especially Melanie.  Melanie gave you a lot of sweet attention and I think that endeared you to her - oh, and that she put make-up on you, too.  :)

You are quite the girly-girl, but you also don't mind getting dirty, riding bikes at the skate-park, etc.  You remind me a lot of Emmy in that way.  It's a good mix - something I've always liked in Emmy and something I enjoy seeing in you as well.

Speaking of Emmy, you love her.  Even when she looks at your mean (you'll often come down, after we've tucked you girls in, to tell me that Emmy looked at you "with a mean face.").  You copy a lot of her interests, as well as what she says.  Much to Emmy's chagrin (although deep-down, I think Emmy likes it  :).

You hold your own, that's for sure.  You are not one to easily back down, admit defeat, or anything of the sort.  Often times you only let me do things for you - like unbuckle you from your car-seat.  It's super tiresome that you won't let one of your siblings help me out by letting them do that - without you screaming about it.  Jonas would just LOVE to be your buddy and helper (he really is great with little kids), but you just don't let him.  It makes me sad, and sometimes even mad, that you don't show more love towards Jonas.  He loves you so much.  (At first I tried to get Jonas out of the picture that goes with this post, but then I decided to keep him there.)  Sometimes you let Jonas help you or do something nice to you, and it's just the sweetest.  I wish I would have gotten a picture a few weeks back of you and Jonas sitting on the couch and Jonas reading books to you.  It was adorable.

We started our mother-n-me schooling this past year and that was fun.  You are smart and catch on fairly quickly.  This year we'll be doing a co-op preschool with some friends and I know you will love it.  We'll still work together because I love doing that sort of stuff.  (Not that I'm good.  Also, my level of preparedness seems to lessen with each child . . .)

I love you.  You truly bring light and happiness in to my life.  You can be so difficult at one moment, and then try to make up for it the next.  When you hug me or dad, you like to pat us.  It's cute.  Sometimes, when I'm holding you, you'll try and tickle my neck or some other little loving gesture.  You're fun.  You're wild.  You're stubborn.  And you'll always be my baby, you big four-year old.

I love you,