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Maxwell Family Reunion 2014

Well I thought I would post what I have so far.  I don't have super many pictures, but hopefully we'll all share pictures (all = family members) with each other and I'll have more.  :)  I didn't take too many, my batteries died, etc.

Anyways, we are in the midst of the Maxwell Reunion 2014.  This reunion includes Jim and Diana, their 4 children and their 4 wives, their 17 grandkids plus 4 spouses of grandkids, and one great-grandson on the way.  :)  It's a great bunch.  The kids love being around their cousins and aunts and uncles - and, of course, grandma and grandpa.

We arrived Monday evening and enjoyed a dinner and FHE (family introductions) at a church building in Frisco.  It was a good start to the family reunion.

Tuesday was a "free day."  Some families went fishing, shopping, etc.  Our family and Joe and Britt's family (minus Joe, Ben's brother, who had to be gone for the day; and Sam, Joe's son, who went fishing with the others) went hiking.  Laura, Ben's sister, and Brent came along with us as well.  It was a cool hike.

The hikers:  Emma, Brittany, Nicholas, Laura, Miles, Jonas, Grace, Emmy, Brent, me and Lucy.

Grace and Emmy.  Grace is so sweet with Emmy.  She even piggy-backed her for a little bit on this hike.  What a cousin!

 It was a pretty hike!

Nicholas and Jonas - cute cousins.

Brittany, me, Brent, and Miles went a little further - to the mining area.  It was interesting with all the rock, but beautiful looking down and up and all around.

See, beautiful!

I think we went swimming that evening.

On Wednesday we hung out in the morning and then headed over to a park for family pictures.  Here are just a few taken by our kids:
 Lucy, oh so cute.  (But don't let that fool ya!  She's got a streak in her.  :)

Emmy.  Look how long her legs look!

Haha, funny picture of Ben.

This is Melanie, one of the kids' sweet and beautiful cousins.  She's so good with my girls.  Lucy begged and begged to have Melanie "make-up" her and I agreed.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but the girls even had mascara on.  Fun for them.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the park.  Ben and our boys and Uncle Joe and a few other cousins had fun playing a soccer game.  It was fun to watch.  We ate lunch there and just played around.  After that we went on a drive and luckily a very sleep-deprived Lucy got in a nap.  In fact, when we got back to our condo, I carried her in and she slept until Ben woke her up 2 1/2 hours later.

I went with my 2 boys and Brittany and Nicholas and Grace on a hike right near our condo.  It's a really cool hike and we made it to our destination:  a big rocky place.  The kids had fun and enjoyed the hike.  That night we got together as a whole family group and had ice cream sundaes, some grandchildren spotlights, etc.

Today, Thursday, we went from plan A (canoeing) to plan B to plan C.  But plan C was great and we'll do plan A tomorrow - when it's not windy, stormy, and cold.  So today we went to Breckenridge, ate lunch at Bubba Gumps (which was totally fun and totally yummy), went ice skating, and rode the gondola up the mountain.  It was a fun day.  We ended the evening at Laura and Jay's condo for dinner, spotlights, etc.

Four cousins on a rock slide in Breckenridge.

Eating outside at Bubba Gump.

The kids' meals came in these cute little boats. :)

Lucy ice-skating!

Nicholas and Emmy having fun together.

The skating train.  Lucy wanted to be in the lead.  :)

Yay, ice skating in the summer time!

Our other buddies for the day, Nicholas and Brittany.  (Most of the rest of the group went white-water rafting.)

Fun times with fun family.  It's been good!

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