Sunday, August 17, 2014

Our last Summer Friday adventure

Well it was our last Friday before school and so our last time for our adventure group to get out.

So we decided to go hiking in Telluride.  I found one hike that looked okay (if done in reverse) - yet it turned out to be a whopper of a hike - for the little ones.  But the little ones all did really well considering - don't let you think none of them complained, though!  Anyways, it wasn't a long hike, just a steep hike for the first half.

We got a lot of, "Wow, that's a lot of kids!"  (We had 12 in our group.)  "The kids are doing great!"  etc., etc.  Telluride is a place where the dog population most likely outnumbers the kid population, so I think we were quite a sight to see.  :)

We were hiking in reverse - it was a loop - because I thought it would be a little easier.  Also, there was a waterfall at the end if we did it in the reverse.  We never did make it to the falls because we were told (wrongly) that the waterfall would be another 30 minutes once we reached a certain point.  Later, when I was talking to my best-friend who lived in Telluride for years, I found out that we were probably just minutes away from it.  Oh well, we ended the hike on a high-note and the kids were all happy.  Success!

 Emmy, Holly, Jillian, and Jewel at the beginning on the trail.

Cute girl.

This girl is sugar and spice, sweet and sour, up and down - all in the matter of minutes.  It's exhausting.  She was NOT happy on the steep up-hill.  She did okay for a bit, then she was quite miserable to be around.  So I just had to ignore her.  There is just nothing I can do or say that would help, so I decided to do neither!

Lucy's last day of being a 3-year old!  So it was also her last day she could go in the hiking backpack.  I carried her for most of the uphill and then made her do quite a bit of the downhill parts.  She's getting much to heavy to carry, though.  Especially on a steep climb.  :)

Our break for lunch at the apex of our climb.  Yay, we made it!

Handsome Jonas with some impressive mountains behind him.

Besides my squinty eyes, it's a pretty cool shot.

Yay for the fun creek!  It made all the kids forget about the hard hike - they all loved playing and cooling off in it.  It was the perfect ending to a hike.  :)

She was happy there!

Afterwards my friends had to head back home, but we had some time and so the kids wanted to go on the Gondola.  So after we got a snack of chocolate milk and peaches, we went:
 The boys rode by themselves on the way back.  It was pretty exciting for them I guess.

We did see a marmot on the mountain.  It was pretty cool!

It was a good day - a fun end to our Friday adventurings.  :)


erinmalia said...

we saw a marmot when we were on the alpine slide! fun times. hope the kids have a great day today!

Niederfam said...

Looks like the perfect "end" to summer Friday's……..