Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Ridway's Farmer Market

So we took our wares (wooden swords, bows, etc.) to the Rigway Farmer's Market.  I really like the town of Ridgway; it's "cool."  It's pretty, too.  Since we still had stuff left from the fair, I wanted to give the market a try.  Ridgway does it on Fridays and so I had to go up without Ben, which was a bummer, but we managed okay.

It was a fun day - just hanging out up there in the cool air.  There is a park right next to the market and so the kids had fun playing there.  Also, they enjoyed walking around and looking at the other booths - but especially eating the samples of kettle korn, chocolate (it was not milk chocolate and Lucy came running back to the booth after she sampled some and quickly chugged some water and then spit up whatever remained . . .:), yak jerky, etc.

 Here was our booth.  My good friend, who is always so quick and eager to loan me anything, let us borrow the tent canopy.  It was perfect.

I'll show some of our products, which I don't think I've done before.  This is our bow and arrows.  You can't see it all, but they are cool.  The arrow tips are erasers, like these.  The bows and arrows were the hot items at Ridgway.  We sold like 9 or so.  Check out my sign I made.  It was something I got from Pinterest.  I created the document, printed it up in reverse image on WAX paper, laid it down on wood, and rubbed it with a piece of wood and the ink was transferred to the wood.  Cool, huh.  If we had black ink, I would have done it in black.  But oh well.  :)

The fancy Knight Sword.  So cool.  I'm pretty sure Ben came up with this design on his own.

The simple, yet still cool, Squire Sword.

The Elf Sword.  Miles cuts all the "blade" parts for this sword (the other swords he cuts the tips).

These are the beaded tiaras/headbands the girls and I made.  It's not a great picture; they are really cute.

After we had set up the kids started wandering around to the other booths.  One lady at a booth told the kids if they distributed all these flyers to people walking around, and got no complaints from anyone, that she would give them something from her booth.  So the kids had fun running around and handing out the flyers.  She ended up giving each of my children a cool wire-beaded bug.  It sounds weird, but they are actually really, really cool.  It was such a nice and generous thing for her to do.  She thinks my kids are great (they are, sometimes) and have great manners (huh?).  :)

The park at Ridgway has this merry-go-round.  My kids pretty much spent all their time, when they weren't with me at the booth, on this.  They had to take breaks so they didn't get too sick (per what they told me), but they just loved it!

Miles mainly hung out at the booth - or walked around the market.  He's a good buddy and does well managing the booth on his own.  He's holding his wire-beaded ant in his hand.  :)

An hour before we were done, we bought a bag of Kettle Korn.  The kids loved it and it was a fun treat for them!

Just cute kids.  Tangling their legs up together.  They really did great hanging out there all day long.

It was another fun experience for all of us!

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erinmalia said...

good thing i wasn't there because i would have bought it all. too bad you don't live out here because you could charge double. maybe i'll put in a wholesale order from ben and sell them on my own here. ha.