Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sailing Away . . .

It's time I post about our sailboat.  It's crazy that we have one.  It's weird.  Yet, as one neighbor pointed out, it looks like the boat has always been at our house - it just fits.  (Our house kind of looks like a boat!)

This is kind of a long story.  So if you don't want to read it all, I'll tell you know how it ends:  we buy a sailboat and it's pretty much all my fault.

So two years ago Ben saw a sailboat for sale . . . whoa, let my backtrack a bit.

So many years, before Ben and I met, he took a sailing trip to Alaska.  He fell in love with sailing and has dreamed many times of doing a trip like that again.

Maybe 5 years ago Ben saw a sabot for sale (how many times will I say sail or sale in this post, I wonder!?) and we ended up buying it.  It's tiny - as in, meant for one person.  Ben took me out once (there are some benefits to being short) as well as the kids (minus Lucy).  He loved his little boat.

Okay, now back to 2 years ago.  Ben saw a sailboat for sale - in our town, probably about a mile or 2 away.  We pretty much drive past it on our way to church, friends' houses, etc.  So he took Lucy one day and checked it out.  He loved it and told me all about it, including the price.  I said no way.

So during those 2 years we probably have driven past the boat many, many, many times.

Well about a month ago I was on my lovely long Saturday run.  I ran past a garage sale and saw a cool-looking sailboat.  It was small and wooden and neat looking.  When I got home I told Ben to go check it out for fun - and maybe it would be super cheap?!  So Ben rode his bike out there and came back and liked the boat.  Then he told me the price and we both scoffed.

Later that day Ben was telling me about the garage sale and how he could tell the man just wanted to get rid of his stuff.  So I said (there is where my brain turned off for a bit . . .), "Why don't you go there and offer him half.  Or just tell him if he's ever interested in selling this is what you'd pay."

Ben thought it was a fine plan and so later that day we went out to the man's house.  As we're driving out there we drove past the sailboat that had been for sale for years . . .and Ben said something like, "This is the boat I should offer on."  Anyways, we drove to the other one and Ben spoke with the man selling the boat and was told he wouldn't even talk at Ben's offer.  Fine.  Really.

So we're driving back and I ask, "Well do you want to stop at the other boat and make your same offer?"  (My brain is still shut off.  Also, just some FYI, the boats were asking the same price.)  Ben said sure and so we stopped off at the house with the sailboat that Ben had checked out and had thus dreamed about ever since.

The seller was not there, but Ben did talk to his son-in-law - who gave Ben hope with a positive reception.  Ben left his number and was told the seller (Randy) would call him.

Randy ended up calling him that night.  Ben spoke with him and told him our offer and Randy said something like, "Well the economy has been really rough on me and my family and so I'll take it."  Then Ben and I were kind of like, "No!  Ack!  Really?!  We're going to have a sailboat.  Huh?!"  I think we were both kind of excited, but also nervous about spending more money (we had just bought the truck that very day).  But we also felt bad about backing out of the offer - after we had raised Randy's hope.  But we also knew we don't make a purchase, a big one like this, because we don't want to hurt someone's feelings.

But Ben got more and more excited about it.  And we gave Randy the check.  And it was our's.  It hung out at Randy's house for about a week before we brought it home.

Of course the kids are super thrilled about it.  I think they have played in it every day (except Sunday) since we've gotten it.  It's like their club-house or something.  We may have to stop their playing, though, as we don't want to ruin it before we get a chance to sail it!

Ben needs to take his friend (with lots of sailing experience) and play around with it.  Then we'll all go for a sail, I guess.  Monday is the day, perhaps.  I'm still nervous about being on water with my kids, on a boat, etc.  Of course.

Anyways, that's the story of how/why we bought a sailboat.  And, no, we haven't named her yet.

Here are a few pictures, none of which are super good:
 Here is the boat, 2 years ago at Randy's house.

And here it is tonight, at our house.

Ben got the sails up tonight (I guess there are 2, but I only got this picture with one of them up).  He is now VERY excited to go sailing!  The lightning rod - I mean, the mast - is like 25 feet tall.

Another picture.

Here is Jonas helping out.  This is the spot where everyone sits.


So there is an inside cabin-like thing.  We can actually all sleep in it - since we're so short.  :)  Here is a table that folds down and you put some cushions down and it's a bed.  (We do want to reupholster the cushions, someday.)

Here's the other side.  Under that metal lid/plate is a stove!  Then there is a little sink that uses a pump for water.  And another sitting/sleeping area.

This is at the front of the boat - another sleeping spot.  Crazy.

And there she is.

I still wonder, "What was I thinking!?"

P.S.  Even though it was because my brain was shut off that I agreed to buying the boat, don't you think that since I did agree, I should be able to paint the ugly wood on the inside whatever color I want?  Like turquoise.


erinmalia said...

this is CRAZY! you are boat owners! hahahaha. i can't wait to hear how it goes! and of course you should paint it turquoise. duh.

erinmalia said...

also, i can't get over how BIG it is! i mean, i know it's a sailboat and it's probably the right-sized sailboat, but still.

Niederfam said...

AHHHHHHHHH. Preston will be BEYOND jealous when I show this to him. He frequently is looking for a sailboat on ksl…….like daily. This is AWESOME!!!!!! Can't wait to read/see all the adventures you have with it!!!