Sunday, August 17, 2014

The day Lucy turned 4

Oh what a day!  Full of fun:

 She and Emmy woke up bright and early - per Ben's report (I had headed out to exercise early so I wouldn't be so late to start the birthday celebrations . . . :)

Her birthday fun cereal and a present, or two, to open.

After a couple hours of doing chores (for the rest of us, the birthday girl decided not to join in the fun of chores and decided instead to play with her new toy . . . birthdays come but once a year so we had to let this go . . . :) it was time to let Lucy open the rest of her gifts.  We saw no sense in waiting since the rest of the day was pretty booked and we were all home!

 She loves all her gifts - especially this cash register.  But really, each and every gift she has already played with lots and lots.  Love that.

The girls playing with another toy set.

The party table - here was our activity table for Lucy's party.  Woodland fairy headbands, fairy gardens, glitter globes, pixie dust necklaces, dessert plates, oh my!

There was a ward party that night and so we did something special for lunch.  Lucy chose "colored noodles."  We did add some butter and parmesan cheese and it was a hit.  :)

Lucy got to have a party this year - remember, we are on the every 4-year plan for friend-parties.   It was a fairy party and she invited 4 friends - Lila age 4, Ellie age 4, Jenna age 3, and Sarah age 10.  :)  Sarah is our sweet and loved-by-all-my-kids neighbor.  She was camping with her family at their cabin and even drove down for it - for Lucy's sake.  What a gal!

The girls came and we face-painted their cheeks.  They got to choose what type of fairy to be:
 Lucy was the Rainbow fairy.  Lila the Flower fairy.  Emmy the Ice fairy.  Ellie the Snow fairy.  Jenna the Princess fairy.  Sarah was the Fire fairy (but she didn't make it in the picture - I think she was fixing what I had painted on her.  :)

We then went out front and the girls planted flowers and fairy houses and pebbles and made a little fairy garden.

So cute!

Lila and Lucy having some fun just playing in Lucy's room.

Love this picture taken by Jonas.

 The girls then colored a fairy and we made glitter globes (we laminated their fairies, put them in baby food jars, then added some glitter and baby oil).
 I think the girls really liked them; they did turn out pretty cute!

Miles helped Lucy with her globe.  Adorable.

Then it was time for dessert.  We made these little "fairy teacups" and the girls loved them.  The cups were filled with frosting and the girls could dip their strawberries in it - or use their knives to spread it - or not eat the strawberries at all, like Lucy.

We were singing the "Happy  Birthday" song at this point.  I love her expression!


 I just like this picture.  :)

Then we made pixie-dust necklaces (which are adorable) and Lucy opened her gifts.  All of which she loved.

Then it was over!  Such a fun and good group of girls.

Another picture of Emmy and Lucy playing - with new dress-up clothing Lucy got for her dolls.

Okay, so I adore this gift so much!  It was homemade (except the doll, of course).  It's a little bassinet and then converts in to a purse:
 Um, LOVE.  Lucy loves it, too.  :)

The girls played, the boys went to pick up our sailboat (more on that a little later), and I cleaned.  Then we got ready for our ward party, a 1950's Sock Hop.
 I made the girls poodle skirts and it was kind of fun and kind of not.  I will never make a circle skirt again without a serger.  I think the crew looks pretty good for a 1950s-look?!

The sock hop was super fun - the kids LOVED it.  Miles got to DJ it with his record player and 1950s record songs.  That was fun.  The girls loved dancing, doing the twist, jump roping, hula hooping, etc., etc.  Emmy is the cutest hula-hooper in the world!  I really need to get it on video.  In her poodle skirt.  To die for (if your her parents  :).  The gym was amazingly decorated!  It was really awesome.

We left just a bit early to come back for more birthday festivities.  (The kids couldn't eat any sweets at the sock hop.  We're mean.)
 Lucy, her cake, and her siblings.  She has declared herself the Rainbow fairy (for the past month now) and so we decided on the rainbow cake.

Jonas lighting her candles.  Lucy takes this seriously apparently.

Make a wish!

And this is what eating cake and ice cream at the Maxwell's looks like.

Whooowheeee, what a day!  What a FUN day celebrating a FUN girl that is LOVED beyond measure.


erinmalia said...

that picture of your 50s family is awesome. happy birthday sweet lucy girl!

Nicole said...

You do the best parties! What a lucky lady! Cute, too. Loved the poodle skirts! I know, I wish I had a serger too :)

Niederfam said...

LUCKY little girl!!!