Saturday, August 09, 2014

The rest of the reunion

The final day and a half were great, too - but sad realizing it was all coming to an end and that we wouldn't see most of these people for years. . . :(  But we still made the most of it:

 On Friday we went canoeing and really had a great time!

Ben's cute crew aboard Cruisers (we named our boats).

We canoed out to an an island in the reservoir to fish, but the kids just really wanted to be in the boat and so we didn't stay for too long . . .

We canoed out to a few other spots, chased after waves from big motor boats, and ran in to Joe and Britt. and family a few times.   Fun, fun!

My cute crew aboard the Wave Chasers.

 Haha, funny picture.  Emmy "accidently" pushed their boat off and so Jonas was stranded for a whole minute or two on Rock Island.  :)

Another stop at a sandy beach.  It started sprinkling on us a bit at this point.

The whole canoeing crew.

Lucy fell asleep on the way home and so I hung out while she slept (oh, I also got a trim and some layers in my hair, done by my lovely niece-in-law Ila.  :).  Ben took the other kids to the pool and they had a blast - mostly because their fear-of-drowning mother wasn't around.  :)

Friday night was our last night and we met back at the church.  We had a little "surprise" baby shower for Ila and Zach - who will have the first great-grandbaby for Jim and Diana.  It was fun.  We stuck balloons in our bellies:

What a cute tummy Lucy had!

After a yummy dinner we had a presentation of Jim and Diana - when they were real little up to when they got married.  There were some great pictures and stories that were shared.  It was really enjoyable!

The lighting is no good in the church, but I just had to take a picture of the cousins just playing.  Or rather, throwing balls at each other - kind of like dodge-ball, but there was no real game going on.  Just throwing the balls at each others' heads.  :) Our kids love their cousins.  The "big boy" cousins were wild and crazy with them - throwing them up in the air, etc, etc.

On Saturday morning we all packed up and headed out.  But while we were waiting for others to finish pakcking, there was time for TV watching (see the boys in the background) and hair-doing.  :)
 Emmy got 2 fishtails - one by Grace (standing up) and one by Emma.  Adorable - both the cousins and her hair.

We then went on a hike with the Joe and Britt family after we all checked out.  It's like a 1/2 mile from our condo and is a great, little hike.  It would have been better if Lucy didn't cry for the first 1/2 of it because she had to walk it on her own.  I finally got her to calm down and stop crying when we started talking about her birthday and party . . . :)
 I foraged all the raspberry plants for my family.  They were yummy.

The kids had a good time playing on the boulder field - our destination.  They had some game going on and it was fun to see them playing together.  In the picture:  Grace, Sam, Lucy, Nicholas, Emma, Miles, and Jonas.

Me and Lucy on the rocks.  I was trying to get out of the picture because Lucy just wanted her and that was fine with me.  But Ben still got me.

So here is Lucy by herself.  :)

After the hike we pretty much drove home.  And now life is slowly getting back to normal.  A little bit of yay and a lot of boo-hoo, too.

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erinmalia said...

so sorry it ended. blah. just think, one summer week left! yikes!