Friday, September 26, 2014

A {perhaps boring} Update - with NEW UPDATES

I haven't posted in a while and don't even have any new pictures, but I thought I would just do an update.  Just because.  Life is busy - like for everyone else, just about - with the day-to-day stuff around here.  We haven't really done anything "fun" or "adventurous" lately because the tasks of life have overcome us.  It's been a little stressful.  It = life.  But we are still blessed.  Just busy, stressed, and blessed.  :)
* UP-UPDATE (an update on the update):  We went on a fun adventure today - hiking to Blue Lake!  It was great and I'll post pics later.

Ben is doing alright.  He's been super-stressed lately with several things.  There hasn't been much going on at work and it's been pretty slow.  He's able to get his hours, for the most part, but it worries him about the future of the surgery center.  He has gotten his official credentialing for his RNFA - Registered nurse, first assist.  He gets to do his own billing when he first-assists cases.  He loves first-assisting.  But he hasn't done much of it the past week or 2.  And it's a little stressful because when he does first-assist, he clocks out - then he goes and bills and so we'll just have to wait and see what reimbursements are like.  They differ for each case, each insurance company, etc.  So it's a big unknown - but hopefully it will work out in the end.  If there ever was a honeymoon phase to his calling as bishop, I think it's over.  At least that's how I feel about it.  :)  It's just hard and that pretty much sums that up.  :)
* UP-UPDATE:  Ben got 2 reimbursement checks this weekend.  Yay, they were good ones.  :)  Also I wanted to mention that our ward is having another exodus - not quite the Mass Exodus of last spring, but we will be losing a YM's prez, a YM counselor, and 2 primary counselors; Ben still doesn't have an Exec. Sec. and that's been months now . . . )

I'm busy - I volunteer in each of my children's classrooms each week; I am VP of our school's PAC (PTA) and we are trying to actually get one going at our school this year -- we are doing our first PAC-sponsored event tonite (outdoor movie night showing Pete's Dragon, with popcorn, cotton candy, and hot cocoa for sale), I come up with weekly cub-scout Webolos activities (this week the boys built popsicle-stick bridges), I work on my every-other-week Sunday school lessons for the youth, I grocery shop, I kind of clean up the house (but not really), I help the kids with their homework, I read books to the children, I take out Cynthia to places which get me frustrated because she just takes so darn long and then I feel guilty for being so frustrated with her, etc., etc.  That's pretty much my life.  I got in a "relaxing" 10-mile run last Saturday.  :)
*UP-UPDATE:  Our PAC's movie night was a way bigger success than we thought!  We were going crazy with cranking out the popcorn, cotton candy, and hot cocoa.  Everything sold out.  It was awesome to have so many families come out!  Too bad the little (and short) rainstorm drove most everyone home about 30 minutes before the movie ended!  But there were a few die-hards (like us and the Euers) who stayed.  :)   Our best-family-friends (the Euers) are moving.  They are like the almost-perfect match for our family:  Ben and Ryan get along great, I love Jashel, they have 2 boys our 2 boys' age, Damon (3) is a spunky cutie that Emmy adores, and everyone (which totally includes myself and Ben) love cute little Ashlyn (6 months).  We will miss them tons and tons.

Miles is Miles.  Nothing much ever changes with him.  He still gets filthy dirty and continues to make continuous noises.  I just about pulled him out of public schooling last week.  Nothing really big happened, but I just don't feel like he is nearly progressing like he should and could be.  Long story short:  4 of us (his teacher, principal, me, and his Gifted/Talented teacher) will meet on Tuesday and come up with some sort of plan for his WIN time.  WIN = What I Need in our schools.  But really it translates into a 3rd block of reading.  Pretty much the least of What Miles Needs.  But he's happy at school and so that counts for something, for sure.

Jonas, what's up with him?  He got some recognition in class for being a leader.  Go Jonas.  He and his best-friend Ivan are the top 2 kids in his class, I am pretty sure.  But he's still a goof and isn't always the model-student, but his teacher does enjoy him.  She had Miles in 3rd grade as well and she is amazed at how different they are!  He whines at the drop of a hat (or the line-drop of "No, you can't go out and play with Josh and Sarah right now."), yet loved the book Ben brought home from the library:  Monsters Eat Whiny Children.  :)  He bought a new scooter - but now owes us money + interest since he didn't have all the money he needed (but I wanted to support his interest in buying a scooter now while the weather is nice . . .).  He's a good kid.

Emmy is doing well and enjoying 1st grade.  Her teacher is a great, experienced teacher and so she is always on top of everything.  Emmy has homework each night - and while it is not hard, it does take time.  Her reading is coming along.  But she always gets mad at me when she reads a word wrong.  She always picks out her clothes each day and loves to wear dresses to school - with tennis shoes if it's a P.E. day.  :)  She stills says a lot, "I wish I never had brothers!" (or a sister, or whatever else made her mad at the moment)  She still loves gymnastics.

Lucy is doing well at home by herself.  We go to story-times, gymnastics, preschool, a music program, and other adventures each week - plus all the tasks I have to do (like grocery shopping, taking Cynthia wherever, etc.)  She is usually pretty great.  She can kind of be shy when around her friends and sometimes it takes her a bit to finally open up and run around and play.  She was total buddies with her friend Lila last week when we rode our bikes to Ridgway's park - they just played and played for hours.  It was good to see.  She naps three days a week - for mine and her's sake.  But she is the biggest grump when I get her up and tell her she has to walk (i.e., I'm not carrying her) to the school to pick up the kids.  Usually, though, she rides her nifty bike to and fro school each day. She's fast and awesome.

That's pretty much it for now.

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erinmalia said...

who the heck is cynthia?!?!

congrats to ben and the rnfa! that's so exciting. i hope the meeting about miles goes well. and way to go, leader jo! oh emmy, getting mad at mom. ha. YES! ollie also hates to walk to school to get rhett. maybe i should make him ride his bike!