Sunday, September 07, 2014

Dear Mom

So Jonas sometimes gets in a "I want a tablet" phase.  We've explained many times to him that he would still get the same amount of computer time that he gets now - which is a whopping 20 minutes a WEEK.  And how that would make a tablet not very worth it . . . but still he wants one I guess.

So here is what he came up with last Friday at school:

Just in case you need some interpretation:
"Dear mom,
     Here are some reasons to give me a tablet.  1.  I won't play too many games.  2.  I will practice math.  3.  I promise I won't get addicted.  4.  I'll give you 4 months of allowance.  5.  I'll download lds.org.  6.  I'll do all my homework + more for a year.  7.  I'll download books.  8.  I'll write a ton.  9.  I'll let you use it sometimes.  10.  I'll pay half.  11."

At the bottom are "Votes."  I guess the names are those kids in his class that think he should get a tablet, too.


But not awesome enough for me to buy (or at least pay half) Jonas a tablet.

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erinmalia said...

well, i guess i know what kind of letter jonas is going to write to santa this year. :) tell him to go on a mission because (well, at least those called to dc north) get one.