Thursday, September 11, 2014

Homemade Preschool

That's what I'll call Lucy's preschool adventure for this year.  There are 5 of us moms with kids that will take turns each week hosting preschool at our homes.  4 girls, 1 boy.  Lucy's first day going was this past Wednesday.  She was SUPER excited and had a great time!
They were asked to bring an animal.

And what did I do with all that alone time?  Went to my boys' classrooms and helped out.  :)  It was fun, though, and I'm glad to not have to cram going to help in all three classes into a Monday.  I helped Miles' class plant their bean "seeds" and in Jonas' class I got to organize the teacher's library - it was awesome.  :)

I'm excited for Lucy and the fun she'll have this year.

And, just in case you're wondering - which most of you probably aren't . . . I am planning on keeping Lucy home for 2 more years.  She just barely makes the cut-off and would be a barely 5-year old.  Add to that the fact that she is a good 2-3 inches shorter than Jonas and Emmy when they were 4 (and Jonas and Emmy are not tall by any means!).  Also, my school will most likely just have full-day K and so I'd rather wait until she was 6 for that anyways.  AND I'm not ready for all my kids to be gone all day. 

Really, I'm not.  Yes, they drive me nuts.  Yes, I'm super frustrated with them all even right now as I write this - getting them all to bed on my own (ahem, BYU football game) is never fun.  Emmy cried and cried about all the homework she had to do and how much she hates it (Usually this is done right after school, but since I invited one of her friends over, she didn't get to it until after dinner and after the home teachers had left.  She will not be having friends over until her homework is done!)  After getting the girls down I had to read with Jonas for 20 minutes.  Well I don't have to - but it's kind of fun reading with him and he doesn't moan about reading when he gets to read to/with me.  But then the moaning and gnashing of teeth began when we were done reading and he had to go write his summary for school.  I have threatened to video his whining and send it to his teacher.  He would be totally embarrassed.  I already dealt with Miles' homework woes as he demanded he would not do the math I got for him (something that would have taken him 2 minutes!) and so sat on the chair for at least 20 minutes (I had to leave and take Emmy's friend home and so it might have been longer) doing absolutely nothing.  Until he finally did the ridiculously easy 40 multiplication problems.  There was much gnashing of teeth with him as well.  I deal with this more days than not.  It does not make me happy.

But anyways, I sure go off.  Overall I love being home with my kids - just hour by hour, not always.

What a tangent that was from Lucy's Homemade Preschool.  Perhaps the title of this post should be something like "School updates."  But that sounds so boring.  Maybe this post was boring.  Ha.  I need to stop and actually start preparing my Sunday school lesson.  So bye.

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erinmalia said...

oh how i wish i could understand your feelings! ha. i have two kids and i can't wait for them to be in school. but dang, that lucy sure is cute!