Sunday, September 14, 2014

Je m'appelle Bateau

Okay, so that is not officially the name of the boat - but it's what I named it and since Ben hasn't come up with anything better (I mean, is there?), it is what I will call it until he does decide on something.  It sounds so beautiful, doesn't it?!  :)

So our first boating day was on Saturday.  Ben had taken it out a couple weeks ago, but did not have enough time to even get the sails up (they just motored it about).  So yesterday Ben took a friend and our two boys and headed out in the morning.  The girls and I met them after lunch - after Ben had gotten some experience under his feet sailing the boat.  Smart, aren't we girls? :)

We had some good wind for the first 45 minutes.  We had a couple of scary tilting episodes that really scared Emmy and just scared the rest of us.  I'm not a fan of tilting - aiyiyi.  Luckily we did not tip over and all survived.  After an hour or so it was time for Ben's mandatory "jump-in-the-water-for-experience" lesson.  We felt the kids should jump in so if they ever fall out, they would kind of know what to do.  The water was FREEZING.  And it was a little nerve-wracking for the kids to jump in the middle of a lake (for Ben and I, too!).  (I actually just lowered Lucy down towards Ben.)  We so wish we would have gotten pictures of the kids - pretty much sheer terror on their faces.  :)  But they - we - all did it!

Then we enjoyed a special snack on the boat - pringles, watermelon, and super-cool specialy sodas that our hardware store sells.  We got flavors like Key Lime, Shirley Temple, Parrot Punch, etc.

Then we tried sailing again - and only got a little bit of wind a little bit of the time.  But I think Ben really enjoyed finally getting out and sailing!  The rest of us did have fun, too!  It was a good - albeit long and tiring - day.

Lucy looks good on a boat.  :)

 I, ummmm, hardly ever see him smile like this.

I think the girls really just love playing inside the boat.

Emmy looking adorable, too.

Sorry, these are mainly just pictures of our kids and not much else.   It's hard to really get the boat in the picture when I'm sitting in it.  Oh well.  Next time I'll take pictures before I get in.

And Miles.

Snack time!

And one video, which you can't hear all of due to the wind:


erinmalia said...

yep, ben looks at home on that boat! and yes, next time take some video from the shore. i want action.

Niederfam said...

AH, I'm DYING. Such ENVY. We are totally quitting sports and buying a boat!

Emily said...

Ice rink in the winter and a boat in the summer?!? Coolest. Family. Ever.