Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our fun adventure to Blue Lake

Just when I thought we wouldn't be able to go hike to Blue Lake this year, we go.  Yay.  It was kind of a last-minute decision made on Friday evening - but it all worked out and I was oh-so-happy to get outdoors and hike.

Overall the kids did really great.  They each had their moments - well, Miles didn't complain once and Lucy didn't hardly at all either (but she was carried in a pack the whole time).  Jonas and Emmy had a couple of whiny moments, but they really did a great job.  It is a 6.6 mile hike - and it's actually a hike, not just a walk in the woods.  So a little whine is expected.  They all had a blast once we got to the lake.  We didn't get the afternoon thunderstorm that was predicted and we were happy about that (we = Ben and myself; the kids wanted to wear their rain-gear of trash bags and thus be "Trash Monsters" as they have been on previous hikes).

The drive up to the trail-head was just beautiful!  So beautiful!  The yellow aspens were as brilliant as the sun itself.  It was amazing and the drive alone was worth it.  So the hike was just an added bonus.  Such a nice day - yay!

 It was already beautiful and we were just at the trail-head.  :)

 This picture didn't quite turn out - but this aspen was super tall and super yellow.  Loved it!  (Luckily Ben had his ipod with him as the batteries in our camera were totally dead.)

 Ben and Lucy.  While Lucy is getting too big to carry in the backpack, we knew this hike would be too much for her and so in the backpack she went.  She did not complain.  :)

 Hiking on the trail.

 Two cuties in front of the awesome Blue Lake.

 Our whole family at the lake.  Yay!  I love this hike and this lake and doing it with my family!

Too bad rock-skipping is not a profession because if it was, we would totally be millionaires thanks to Ben.  He's awesome!  Seriously.  I think it's a man thing (another man across the shore was pretty great, too).  Ben can make rocks skip like 14 times - amazing!  It's really fun to watch.  The boys were pretty excited as they were able to skip 2 - 3 times.  :)  We had a lot of fun throwing and skipping rocks.  Then we ate lunch in the tress.  Then the kids took off their socks and shoes and waded in the shallow stream right below the lake.  The kids had a blast and it's just fun watching them play in the great outdoors.

Yay for a day out of doors and in the beautiful fall mountains!


erinmalia said...

so if the trailhead was so beautiful, why even continue?! kidding. :) i'm so jealous of these outings. but am so happy for you!

Angie Hawkes said...

that place looks really beautiful and peaceful. how fun for your fam!

Nicole said...

Wow, so pretty! You guys are very adventurous!! Love it.