Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New (to us) Furniture

This isn't really a super-exciting post, but whatevs.  I have been trying to find an old entertainment center to turn in to a wardrobe for Emmy.  The girls' room has this closet that is very awkward - it slants on one side and even  I had a difficult time getting in there to access her clothes.  Also, there was not a light in there.  Anyways, someone posted on facebook their entertainment center for sale - and I nabbed it.  They were people are in our church, just another ward.  They dropped it by one evening and wouldn't take our cash.  So we got it for free (well it cost me some homemade chocolate mint brownies, I guess :).

I got to rearrange the girls' room and that was fun!  The girls were super excited about it as well.  So here is their "new" room and "new" wardrobe:

Kind of cute, right?  We were going to put a little rod and curtain in front of the clothes, but then Ben and I thought it was cute as is.

Their closet is a fun space now for the girls (and boys) to play in.  Emmy created a club - the Princess Castle club, I think.  Boys were invited, though.  :)  The girls sometimes sleep in it on weekend nights.  I'll have to get a picture of it someday.

Anyways, a little bit of change.  Fun, fun.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Camp Bop-It at Moab

The kids were off 1/2 day on Thursday (but since we helped out at the book fair we didn't get home until normal time anyways!) and all day Friday and so we (I) decided to take advantage of it - and the warm weather.  We didn't get in much camping this summer and so I thought it would be fun to camp in Moab - since I knew it would be pretty warm there still.  Ben didn't come and so it was all me - well, me and four kids.  :)

We headed out Friday morning before 8 and managed to luckily find ourselves a campsite, get set up, and have lunch - all by noon.  Then we headed out for our hike-of-the-day in Negro Bill Canyon.

We did this hike last year after I ran a race - with my parents, who had met up with us in Moab.  The kids remembered this rock and Grandpa G's pose of "holding" it.  So they all recreated it (or at least tried, as in Lucy's case).

And, just like last time, we made it to this point.  We probably are about 1/4 of a mile to the actual Morning Glory Bridge, but seeing it was good enough for most of us.  :)  Plus, there is tons of poison ivy as you get close to the "bridge" and so I didn't want to have that type of adventure on our hike.  So back we headed back . . .

The kids loved walking barefoot in the cool and soft sand.

Wet + sand = funny legs.

There are about 8 or 9 stream crossings, which are definitely a highlight of the hike.

Another highlight - play-break in the sand!

So cool; Miles brought up some little wooden boat he has and the boys had fun playing with it in the sand.

On the way back the kids get to play in some water-spot.  Very fun!  And a little cool.  Luckily the coldness beckoned them out before I had to.  :)

Lucy was done with walking in the water and so she created some "fairy worlds."  Lovely.

After our hike we went out to dinner (yes, I cheated!).  I then tried 4 different pay-phones to try and call Ben (per his request :), but to no avail.  Apparently there is no use for working pay-phones anymore.  :)

We got back to our campsite and had a good evening:
The kids played some more in the sand around our campsite.

I got a fire going and we had fun making smores and getting warm!  Oh, and seeing all the stars pop out.  So cool.

Jonas was answering a question - and it just so happened that he burped while answering/talking.  The kids thought it was pretty hilarious - especially Jonas!


Once in our PJs and such we played Miles' game of Bop-It.  It's actually pretty fun.  Obviously this is where we got our name of our Camp (remember, we name all our camp-outs).

Lucy wasn't really good and so it was always super exciting when she didn't get out.  :)

They were all snug as bugs in rugs.  After hiking for 4 hours, they didn't have too much trouble falling asleep.  Lucy woke up briefly two times.  The first time she said, "Mom, I want my cookie."  The second time she said, "Mom, I'm scared."  So I found and held her hand - until she told me not to.  :)

The morning went well and a little after 9 we headed out for our next hike-of-the-day.  This was a new one, to Corona Arch.
There are cairns all along marking the right way.  My kids deemed this site as Cairn Kingdom.

Here is Corona Arch - super cool.  Can you see the rope and person off the arch?  There was this group up there jumping off.  It was super crazy.  We saw 3 of them jump off.

One of the crazy-jumpers took this picture.  Crazy people - but nice, too.  :)

One part of the hike had a ladder.  Fun.

Another section had this cable to help with the steep climb.  For some reason Jonas was pretty freaked out by this and thought he was going to die.  I was about to go back down and help him up - but some man following behind offered to help.  It was then that Jonas decided to do it on his own.  :) This picture is of us going down.  He was pretty nervous, but did it.

We then pretty much drove home!  So we had a really great camp-out.  It wasn't perfect nor without frustrations (why oh why can't my kids listen to me the first time I ask them something - it's pretty much all I want for Christmas) or tantrums and tears.  But I'm super glad we did it!

The Neighborhood Gang

We've got a pretty fearsome gang in our 'hood.  They rake unsuspecting people's lawn.  :)  Actually, the kids raked one of the neighbor's yard - for free (the owner is quite sickly and thus unable to).  Then they started to make flyers to rake others' yards for $6.  I think they maybe got one customer?

(Usually this gang is the scooter gang.  But I guess they like to change things up every once in a while.)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pumpkin Patch, Round 2

On Saturday we went to another pumpkin patch - this one in Junction.  We were meeting some friends there, but went a little early so we could head out earlier (so I could make the evening session of Stake Conference).  Ben wasn't able to make it because he had Stake meetings that afternoon.  I wasn't able to visit with my friend really at all because the kids were all over and I was stuck (I do mean it in a good way) with my girls the whole time.  But the kids had tons of fun; it's a really great place.

 These bouncy things are a HUGE hit with everyone.

 There is a huge hale bale tower with corn-pits to jump in to and lots of slides to go down.

 The girls loved this slide!

 Going down together - so cute!

 The boys waited in line for this - air-gun shooting or something.  Miles said it was definitely worth the wait.  :)  Since I wasn't around my boys much, this is the only shot I got of them.  (Oh, but my friend took a couple, I'll post those.)

 Miles is behind the post, Pete is at the corn-shooter, and Jonas is holding the corn-bullets.  :)  The corn shooter was pretty fun, too, I guess!

And here is Miles with his good friend Kara.  Such cute kids.  :)

 Peace out Lucy.

 This was for Lucy's cousin Rhett.

Emmy loved riding the horse, of course.

Oh one reason we went a little early was to let Miles have a go at the corn maze.  But after 15 minutes we (meaning everyone but Miles) were pretty bored and wanted to go on to more fun things.  Miles was kind of bummed.  So some year Ben will actually have to come so Miles can go with one adult and peruse the maze.  Some day perhaps . . .

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Covered Bridge Pumpkin Patch

We had a cub scout field trip to the local pumpkin patch today.  It's always beautiful up there and the kids had fun and so it was a good little outing.  It's more of a small-scale pumpkin patch (as opposed to a big one we'll be going to on Saturday in Junction) - which is perfect when wanting to somewhat contain a big group of kids - cub scouts plus siblings!  I needed 20 people in order to make a special non-hours reservation and so another ward brought up their scouts, too.  We had way more than the needed 20 and so that was good.  We did split up in to 2 groups and so that made it more manageable and efficient.
 They have a Clydesdale horse, a donkey, sheep, alpacas, and little cows.  Fun!

 These sheep were loud - BAAAAAAAA!

 We got to go on a tractor-pulled "hay ride."  There were a dozen or so different things to find on the ride - like the tree with a pumpkin in it, flying bats, pumpkin spider, etc.  It made it fun and exciting for the kids.

 Lucy was really into making goofy faces.  :)


 I love this picture of the boys around the fire.  I think it's the only one, though, that Jonas is really in!  :(

 That Lucy.

 That Miles.  They had a little hay-maze and that was sure fun.

 Of course jumping off the hay-tower is always a must-do activity!

And there goes Emmy sliding and twisting down the hay.  On purpose.  That girl.

Sleeping Beauties, Black Beauty, and Blaze

 I don't think I've ever written or mentioned that my girls sleep in the same bed and same room.  Lucy had slept in the laundry room for the first three yeas of life in a cut-out port-a-crib.  :)  A little over a year ago we moved Lucy in with Emmy.  It has its ups and downs.  It was a little crazy in the beginning.  Now?  I think it's definitely better - but we probably also just put up with more.  I love my kids sharing a room, though, and think they have some special times with just the 2 of them.  So it's worth it.  Last night they both slept with their horses - Emmy named hers Black Beauty and Lucy's horse is named Blaze (after reading an oh-so-cute book - from the 1930s - entitled Billy and Blaze.  About a boy and his horse.  I guess Billy and Blaze is a little series and so I'm excited.  We've got 2 of the small books and I'll be excited to check out the rest another time.  I love finding a good children's book that I don't mind reading to Lucy 3-4 times in one afternoon.  :)

 I love my quiet, cute, sleeping girls!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Random Cuteness

We made tie-dye shirts with some friends the other week and the kids all wore theirs on Tuesday.  Someone (Lucy?) told Emmy she looked like a teenager.  Emmy was super excited about that!  What a cute 1st-grader she is.  :)

Lucy rides her bike or scooter to school most days.  She's pretty great!

Twins!  Love it!
Lucy wanted me to take a picture of her "funny face."  :)

This is what my walk back to school looks like most days.  What a fun time.