Saturday, October 25, 2014

Camp Bop-It at Moab

The kids were off 1/2 day on Thursday (but since we helped out at the book fair we didn't get home until normal time anyways!) and all day Friday and so we (I) decided to take advantage of it - and the warm weather.  We didn't get in much camping this summer and so I thought it would be fun to camp in Moab - since I knew it would be pretty warm there still.  Ben didn't come and so it was all me - well, me and four kids.  :)

We headed out Friday morning before 8 and managed to luckily find ourselves a campsite, get set up, and have lunch - all by noon.  Then we headed out for our hike-of-the-day in Negro Bill Canyon.

We did this hike last year after I ran a race - with my parents, who had met up with us in Moab.  The kids remembered this rock and Grandpa G's pose of "holding" it.  So they all recreated it (or at least tried, as in Lucy's case).

And, just like last time, we made it to this point.  We probably are about 1/4 of a mile to the actual Morning Glory Bridge, but seeing it was good enough for most of us.  :)  Plus, there is tons of poison ivy as you get close to the "bridge" and so I didn't want to have that type of adventure on our hike.  So back we headed back . . .

The kids loved walking barefoot in the cool and soft sand.

Wet + sand = funny legs.

There are about 8 or 9 stream crossings, which are definitely a highlight of the hike.

Another highlight - play-break in the sand!

So cool; Miles brought up some little wooden boat he has and the boys had fun playing with it in the sand.

On the way back the kids get to play in some water-spot.  Very fun!  And a little cool.  Luckily the coldness beckoned them out before I had to.  :)

Lucy was done with walking in the water and so she created some "fairy worlds."  Lovely.

After our hike we went out to dinner (yes, I cheated!).  I then tried 4 different pay-phones to try and call Ben (per his request :), but to no avail.  Apparently there is no use for working pay-phones anymore.  :)

We got back to our campsite and had a good evening:
The kids played some more in the sand around our campsite.

I got a fire going and we had fun making smores and getting warm!  Oh, and seeing all the stars pop out.  So cool.

Jonas was answering a question - and it just so happened that he burped while answering/talking.  The kids thought it was pretty hilarious - especially Jonas!


Once in our PJs and such we played Miles' game of Bop-It.  It's actually pretty fun.  Obviously this is where we got our name of our Camp (remember, we name all our camp-outs).

Lucy wasn't really good and so it was always super exciting when she didn't get out.  :)

They were all snug as bugs in rugs.  After hiking for 4 hours, they didn't have too much trouble falling asleep.  Lucy woke up briefly two times.  The first time she said, "Mom, I want my cookie."  The second time she said, "Mom, I'm scared."  So I found and held her hand - until she told me not to.  :)

The morning went well and a little after 9 we headed out for our next hike-of-the-day.  This was a new one, to Corona Arch.
There are cairns all along marking the right way.  My kids deemed this site as Cairn Kingdom.

Here is Corona Arch - super cool.  Can you see the rope and person off the arch?  There was this group up there jumping off.  It was super crazy.  We saw 3 of them jump off.

One of the crazy-jumpers took this picture.  Crazy people - but nice, too.  :)

One part of the hike had a ladder.  Fun.

Another section had this cable to help with the steep climb.  For some reason Jonas was pretty freaked out by this and thought he was going to die.  I was about to go back down and help him up - but some man following behind offered to help.  It was then that Jonas decided to do it on his own.  :) This picture is of us going down.  He was pretty nervous, but did it.

We then pretty much drove home!  So we had a really great camp-out.  It wasn't perfect nor without frustrations (why oh why can't my kids listen to me the first time I ask them something - it's pretty much all I want for Christmas) or tantrums and tears.  But I'm super glad we did it!

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erinmalia said...

haha. payphones! what is this, 1983?! but still...you did it! congrats! i still want to go with you, so next time wait for me.