Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pumpkin Patch, Round 2

On Saturday we went to another pumpkin patch - this one in Junction.  We were meeting some friends there, but went a little early so we could head out earlier (so I could make the evening session of Stake Conference).  Ben wasn't able to make it because he had Stake meetings that afternoon.  I wasn't able to visit with my friend really at all because the kids were all over and I was stuck (I do mean it in a good way) with my girls the whole time.  But the kids had tons of fun; it's a really great place.

 These bouncy things are a HUGE hit with everyone.

 There is a huge hale bale tower with corn-pits to jump in to and lots of slides to go down.

 The girls loved this slide!

 Going down together - so cute!

 The boys waited in line for this - air-gun shooting or something.  Miles said it was definitely worth the wait.  :)  Since I wasn't around my boys much, this is the only shot I got of them.  (Oh, but my friend took a couple, I'll post those.)

 Miles is behind the post, Pete is at the corn-shooter, and Jonas is holding the corn-bullets.  :)  The corn shooter was pretty fun, too, I guess!

And here is Miles with his good friend Kara.  Such cute kids.  :)

 Peace out Lucy.

 This was for Lucy's cousin Rhett.

Emmy loved riding the horse, of course.

Oh one reason we went a little early was to let Miles have a go at the corn maze.  But after 15 minutes we (meaning everyone but Miles) were pretty bored and wanted to go on to more fun things.  Miles was kind of bummed.  So some year Ben will actually have to come so Miles can go with one adult and peruse the maze.  Some day perhaps . . .


erinmalia said...

ooh, can't wait to show that pic of lucy to rhett! fun day!

Emily said...

Ha ha, I love Lucy buried in all the corn! What a cool pumpkin patch!

Nicole said...

What an awesome pumpkin patch! The slide into the corn...amazing!!