Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sleeping Beauties, Black Beauty, and Blaze

 I don't think I've ever written or mentioned that my girls sleep in the same bed and same room.  Lucy had slept in the laundry room for the first three yeas of life in a cut-out port-a-crib.  :)  A little over a year ago we moved Lucy in with Emmy.  It has its ups and downs.  It was a little crazy in the beginning.  Now?  I think it's definitely better - but we probably also just put up with more.  I love my kids sharing a room, though, and think they have some special times with just the 2 of them.  So it's worth it.  Last night they both slept with their horses - Emmy named hers Black Beauty and Lucy's horse is named Blaze (after reading an oh-so-cute book - from the 1930s - entitled Billy and Blaze.  About a boy and his horse.  I guess Billy and Blaze is a little series and so I'm excited.  We've got 2 of the small books and I'll be excited to check out the rest another time.  I love finding a good children's book that I don't mind reading to Lucy 3-4 times in one afternoon.  :)

 I love my quiet, cute, sleeping girls!


erinmalia said...

awwww, so cute! you know my boys sleep in the same twin bed, right?! haha.

Emily said...

That is adorable! I really like what they named the horses too! My best friend growing up shared a bed with her little sister for several years as well.